The 2018 R1 release of Alphacam from Vero Software includes considerable enhancements to automation and nesting functions.

 Vero Software product Alphacam 2018 R1 Click image to enlarge

There is now the ability in Automation Manager to have a connection between ‘parent-child’ parts, as job files can now be added to another job file as a sub-component. This enhances the management of parts that should be manufactured in groups.

The sub-components have similar properties to the main components, such as layer mapping, along with material and nesting properties. Alphacam product owner Felipe Ferrary says the sub-components will be loaded automatically with the main ‘parent’ component.

“When creating jobs, users can easily add files to a job, and as all sub-component parts will be loaded automatically, it improves ease of use and productivity.”

Also in Automation Manager, drawings and fittings can now be added to specified datum points. When processing a job, the fittings will automatically be inserted at a pre-defined position, and can also be used in parametric drawings. Alphacam also contains a small sample library of fitting types.

Two items of enhanced functionality which are specifically for Alphacam’s Lathe module are an update to machining dialogs and new cycles added to C/L Drilling and Tapping.

On the machining dialogs update, turning dialogs now use the new machining dialogs style. Following the improvement in the milling C-axis machining dialogs, the turning dialogs have all been updated and modernized, containing images and tooltips, which improve ease of use.

Additionally, for C/L Drilling and Tapping, the commands have been combined and a new cycle added for pecking, boring, and chamfering. This brings the center-line drilling functionality close to matching the C-Y axis drilling functions, and means that all drilling options are available, which could previously only be used in C-axis and C/L drilling.

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