Bradbury Group's anti-flare fixtureClick image to enlarge

Bradbury Group has introduced a servo driven anti-flare fixture.

Pre-cut roll forming lines are known for quick changeovers between part sizes because there is no requirement to change profiled cut-off blades.

This results in higher line efficiencies and production. With Bradbury’s Auto Anti-Flare Fixture, precut parts can be formed without sacrificing quality. The fixture will reduce flare tolerance in pre-cut steel framing and purlin roll forming lines to +/- 1.0 degree deviation measured in the flare zone.

The anti-flare fixtures, located at the exit end of the roll former, detect the lead and trail end of each part and automatically adjust the rolls to reduce flare on a pre-cut part. Adjustments can be made based upon material yields and strengths. Fixtures may be added to an existing Bradbury purlin or steel framing line or purchased with a new line.

Ermaksan: Hybrid press brakes

Ermaksan has developed a new generation Evolution series hybrid press brakes. Ermaksan's press brakes are available from Canadian distributor Ferric Machinery, Mississauga, ON.

Safan: 30% faster cycle times

The Safan E-Brake features a servo electric drive based on the pulley principle, which the company says ensures even distribution of forces.

Flexible drilling

Tube, pipe and structural steel fabricators who do a lot of drilling have a new lower cost and more efficient alternative to radial drills or standard tap/drill machines.

High pressure waterjet cutting

High pressure waterjet cutting is gaining in popularity among fabricators because it improves cutting efficiencies.

Prima Power: Servo Electric Press Brake

The new eP-1030 press brake by Prima Power is based on extensive experience in press brakes and servo electric machine tools for sheet metalworking.

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