Bradbury Group's anti-flare fixtureClick image to enlarge

Bradbury Group has introduced a servo driven anti-flare fixture.

Pre-cut roll forming lines are known for quick changeovers between part sizes because there is no requirement to change profiled cut-off blades.

This results in higher line efficiencies and production. With Bradbury’s Auto Anti-Flare Fixture, precut parts can be formed without sacrificing quality. The fixture will reduce flare tolerance in pre-cut steel framing and purlin roll forming lines to +/- 1.0 degree deviation measured in the flare zone.

The anti-flare fixtures, located at the exit end of the roll former, detect the lead and trail end of each part and automatically adjust the rolls to reduce flare on a pre-cut part. Adjustments can be made based upon material yields and strengths. Fixtures may be added to an existing Bradbury purlin or steel framing line or purchased with a new line.

Multispindle automatic lathe

Index will introduce its MS40-8 multispindle automatic lathe to North America at IMTS 2018.

Weld visualization technology and 3D welding helmet

SRI International has partnered with Kawada Technologies and Kawada Industries to introduce weld visualization technology and a 3D welding helmet.

Flexible, versatile turning

Doosan Machine Tools has updated its Lynx turning centres with the 2600SY.

Arc welding robot with extra long reach

The MA3120 arc welding robot from Motoman features an extra-long reach arm that reduces the need for tracks.

Angle grinder and die grinder range extended

Industrial air tool specialist Fuji Air Tools has extended its FA-20 series of compact 2” angle grinders and die grinders.

Machine built for large heavy part production

The new Makino a120nx horizontal machining centre has the largest machining platform within the nx series of machines, designed to take on oversized structural components for industrial equipment, diesel engines and semiconductor manufacturing.

Welding thicker materials

The new PowerWave S500 process welder for welding on thicker materials features more than 65 standard welding waveforms designed to optimize arc performance for specific applications.

Updated 3D platform software with better hardware to software synergy

Creaform has launched the latest version of its 3D software platform, VXelements and suite of applications bringing a more comprehensive experience for users with unmatched hardware to software synergy for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and dimensional inspection.

Modular automation

Mazak Optonics’ new Modular Automation Systems includes load/unload cells, flexible automation systems, automated parts sorting and factory automation.

Handheld resistance weld checker

Monitor and troubleshoot issues in welding production with the MM-410A handheld resistance weld checker from Amada Miyachi America Inc.

Better ergonomics in oxy-fuel torches

Victor Technologies' new 400 series of oxy-fuel torches are two-piece configurations that incorporate what the company describes as "an innovative handle and cutting attachment for better ergonomics, a clearer view of the cutting patch, visual cues for easier use and enhanced safety."

Weld seam inspection with phased array technology

Vogt Ultrasonics has announced the implementation of a fully automated phased array ultrasonic inspection solution for electron beam welds on rotors for asynchronous motors for a supplier to the automotive industry.

Fibre delivered industrial diode laser system

The new HighLight DL4000HPR is a compact, high power, fibre delivered industrial diode laser system from Coherent offers convenience and economy for metal processing applications such as cladding, heat treating and brazing.

Multitasking lathe with modular platform

The new SwissDECO lathe from Tornos is available in four versions: SwissDECO G (gang version – showcased at IMTS), SwissDECO GA (gang version with A axis), SwissDECO T (turret version) and SwissDECO TB (turret version with B axis).

Submerged electrode resists corrosion

Select-SAI has introduced a new hard surfacing martensitic stainless steel wire, SelectWear 410NiMo.

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