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Amada's EML-AJ Series is a high speed punch/fiber laser combination machine designed to perform multiple processes on a single machine for maximum production flexibility.

Amada says it is the first manufacturer in the sheet metal processing industry to succeed in developing punch/laser combination machines. They are all-in-one machines capable of integrating multiple steps for processing sheet metal such as cutting, punching, forming, and tapping.

The company offers two series of punch/laser combination machines: the LC-C1AJ Series of compact machines, which is capable of  energy saving, low cost process integration, and  the ACIES-AJ Series, which features v-mix, v-lot production, uninterrupted operation, and high quality punch processing.

These combination machines are highly rated by customers. To compliment these technologies, AMADA has launched the EML-AJ Series combination machines capable of performing high-quality punching and laser cutting and displaying enhanced comprehensive capabilities featuring high productivity and many automated features for uninterrupted operation.

EML-AJ Series combination machines come with all of the punching functions inherent in single-function punching machines. Combined punches and dies are supplied with a  Z-turret with different diameters of ø1010 mm upper and ø1200 mm lower or a  high capacity turret of ø1200 mm upper and lower. These machines include the same punching force of 300 kN as AMADA’s best-selling EM Series turret punch presses. The EML-AJ Series also achieves a 25 per cent improvement in stroke frequency (number of hits per minute) compared to conventional machines, making it the fastest punch processing machine available from Amada

With the EML-AJ Series, Amada has improved the quality of the laser beam with a 3 kW fiber laser oscillator combining high oscillation efficiency with new optics. It employs assist gas rectifying technology for higher quality processing than conventional machines, while increasing cutting speed by a factor of three. The series also features an energy-saving operation, with power consumption reduced to one-third that of conventional machines.

The EML-AJ Series allows up to 24 hours of continuous operation by combining a wide range of optional automation solutions, such as automated Punch and Die Changer (PDC), nozzle changer, laser scrap unloading device, and a cleaning function for cutting plates. As a result, customers can build a system to meet their needs with uninterrupted operation.

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