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Amada's EML-AJ Series is a high speed punch/fiber laser combination machine designed to perform multiple processes on a single machine for maximum production flexibility.

Amada says it is the first manufacturer in the sheet metal processing industry to succeed in developing punch/laser combination machines. They are all-in-one machines capable of integrating multiple steps for processing sheet metal such as cutting, punching, forming, and tapping.

The company offers two series of punch/laser combination machines: the LC-C1AJ Series of compact machines, which is capable of  energy saving, low cost process integration, and  the ACIES-AJ Series, which features v-mix, v-lot production, uninterrupted operation, and high quality punch processing.

These combination machines are highly rated by customers. To compliment these technologies, AMADA has launched the EML-AJ Series combination machines capable of performing high-quality punching and laser cutting and displaying enhanced comprehensive capabilities featuring high productivity and many automated features for uninterrupted operation.

EML-AJ Series combination machines come with all of the punching functions inherent in single-function punching machines. Combined punches and dies are supplied with a  Z-turret with different diameters of ø1010 mm upper and ø1200 mm lower or a  high capacity turret of ø1200 mm upper and lower. These machines include the same punching force of 300 kN as AMADA’s best-selling EM Series turret punch presses. The EML-AJ Series also achieves a 25 per cent improvement in stroke frequency (number of hits per minute) compared to conventional machines, making it the fastest punch processing machine available from Amada

With the EML-AJ Series, Amada has improved the quality of the laser beam with a 3 kW fiber laser oscillator combining high oscillation efficiency with new optics. It employs assist gas rectifying technology for higher quality processing than conventional machines, while increasing cutting speed by a factor of three. The series also features an energy-saving operation, with power consumption reduced to one-third that of conventional machines.

The EML-AJ Series allows up to 24 hours of continuous operation by combining a wide range of optional automation solutions, such as automated Punch and Die Changer (PDC), nozzle changer, laser scrap unloading device, and a cleaning function for cutting plates. As a result, customers can build a system to meet their needs with uninterrupted operation.

Depressed centre grinding wheels

Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced its new Norton Quantum3 (NQ3) Combination Wheels, an addition to the recently introduced Norton Quantum3 (NQ3) line of Depressed Center Grinding Wheels.

New fiber laser from LVD Strippit

LVDStrippit expands its laser cutting systems product line with the introduction of Electra FL, a high speed fiber laser cutting system.

Inverter controlled, down acting press brake

Amada's new HS press brakes are built on the solid foundation of the HFE M2 series and includes additional pfeatures and a touchscreen control.

Tooling for automated crosshole deburring

Heule Tool Corp. has launched its COFA-X tooling, what the company describes as the first tooling system for removing burrs consistently from interior uneven bore edges with large intersections, such as valves, fittings, hydraulic manifolds, and more.

Configurable pipe cutting

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products’ SmartPipe system for automated plasma or oxy-fuel pipe cutting of pipe that works in conjunction with you table for cutting flat plate.

On-the-go compact welding

Despite their compact design, the TPS 270i C PULSE and TPS 320i C PULSE from Fronius offer welders performance and flexibility. In addition to the pulse welding package included in the scope of delivery, the standard welding package from Fronius is available as an option, as well as packages for LSC (Low Spatter Control) and PMC (Pulse Multi Control) processes developed for the TPS/i series. 

Laser cutting with C02 or solid state

The TruLaser 1030, available with either a CO2 or a solid-state laser manufactured by TRUMPF, empowers fabricators to choose the model that is the perfect fit for their preferences and respective business requirements.

New Vertical Twin-Spindle Machining Centre

CHIRON has introduced its new vertical twin spindle five axis machining centre, DZ08 FX Precision+. 

New generation nesting software

Hypertherm has introduced an update version of its CAD/CAM software ProNest 2015, which includes new and enahnced features.

Simplified CNC digitizing

Fagor Automation Corp. has developed what it says is a simplified CNC digitizing canned cycle designed to reduce digitizing set-up time. The cycle allows the operator to set up the machine in a few minutes for digitizing simple or complex parts by utilizing a single fill in the blank page that contains all pertinent parameters for digitizing as well as a graphic assist screen.

Blade holders with coolant-through design

WTO has developed new blader holders for cut off blades with an internal coolant channel to deliver high pressure coolant. The new blade holders are available through WTO's Canadian distributor, Mittmann.

Clamp for welders solves problem

Kant-Twist cantilever clamps from Industrial Magnetics offer advantages over standard clamps, according to the company. They're lighter, stronger and won't walk-off-centre.

Renishaw launches a new version of FixtureBuilder 3D-modelling software

Renishaw has released the latest version of its 3D fixture modelling software, FixtureBuilder 8.0.

55 ton press brake

TRUMPF has introduced the TruBend 7050 press brake.

Mini toolholder with 30,000 to 75,000 rpm speeds

WTO's new CoolSpeed, available in Canada from Mittmann, is a mini toolholder with rotation speeds from 30,000 to 75,000 rpm for high speed machining applications.

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