Amada's new fiber laser cutting machine equipped with Locus Beam Control (LBC) technologyClick image to enlarge

Amada's latest innovation is the Ventis-3015AJ, a fiber laser cutting machine equipped with the company's "Locus Beam Control" (LBC) technology.

The technology evolved from the company's original laser beam control technology. LBC can freely manipulate the laser beam and create an infinite number of locus patterns to meet the demands of sheet metal processing. Combined with a high brightness 4 kW fiber laser oscillator, Amada says the new laser sets "a new world standard for laser cutting speed and quality."

Oscillation image of Amada's LBC technology-based laser beamClick image to enlarge

Indeed, the Ventis-3015AJ with LBC technology won the MM Award at Euroblech 2018.

LBC Technology is an innovative beam-forming technology to control kerf width for optimal efficiency based on  the material type and thickness being processed. This  new technology makes it possible to cut at higher speeds and raise quality to greatly improve productivity.

The main features three modes: Productivity; Quality; and Kerf Control.

Productivity Mode: Significant improvement in productivity when cutting stainless steel and aluminium. In the N2 non-oxidizing cutting of medium thick stainless steel and aluminium, the processing cost can be reduced by up to 75  per cent, in addition to the higher cutting speed  that is twice as fast when compared to conventional machines.

Quality Mode: High quality processing improves surface roughness and eliminates dross. Cut quality is ensured by reducing the surface roughness by approximately 50 per cent when compared to a conventional machine, and dross is minimised to less than 10 μm.

Kerf Control Mode: Enables long term stable processing during automated system operation. By oscillating the beam, the kerf width can be controlled to 2.5 times wider than the conventional model. After processing, automated take-out equipment is dramatically improved to provide stable part removal and long, stable processing during operation.


Control software suite for VTC-2000 VMC

Mazak has added the Mazatrol SmoothG CNC and its suite of Smooth Technology software solutions to its VTC-200C vertical machining center.

Direct drive water jet pump

Waterjet manufacturer Jet Edge Inc. introduces the Eco-Jet waterjet pump. Eco-friendly and budget-friendly, the 55KSI 30 hp waterjet features an efficient direct drive pump design that consumes up to 40 per cent less electricity than a 50 hp pump, but produces the same output.

Added configurations for robotic MIG gun

Tregaskiss has added configurations for additional through-arm style robot models to its Tough Gun TA3 Robotic Air Cooled MIG Gun offering.

Gouging system five times faster than hand torch

Arcair, a Thermadyne brand, has introduced Arcair-Matic N7500, a new and improved automatic gouging system that provides versatility, flexibility and safety features built with an enhanced gouging function.

On-the-go air plasma system

Hypertherm's new Powermax30 Air is a portable air plasma system and internal compressor in one for on-the-go cutting.

New generation automatic lathe

INDEX's new generation ABC machine is designed for turning simple to moderately complex parts in cycle times up to 15 per cent faster than previous generation machines, with rapid spindle acceleration (8 g), shorter spindle ramp-up times, higher rapid traverse rates and quick chip-to-chip times.

Platinum updates tooling program

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc. has extended its product offering to the current Citizen tool program. 

Wind turbine manufacturing solutions

Soraluce specializes in the development of advanced solutions for manufacturing structural parts for wind turbines.

New CNC control for retrofit/revamp of transfer systems

OSAI has announced that it's Opencontrol system is now available for BTB transfer systems so customers can retrofit and revamp existing transfer systems.

Updated online configurators

Bernard has launched new versions of its BTB Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Gun and Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun online configurators.

Robust PullMig welding torch

The PullMig welding torch from Fronius for push-pull welding weighs 1,600 grams, but is robust; it can survive a fall from three meters, competely unscathed.

Fiber laser cutting system

Bystronic has introduced a new BySmart fiber laser cutting machine.

High power-to-weight ratio for air plasma cutter

ESAB's Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 50 is a handheld air plasma cutting system now available for purchase through traditional and online welding distributors. Cutmaster 60i weighs 37 lb and provides a rated output of 7.6 kW at 50 per cent duty cycle at 60A. It produces a recommended cut of 5/8 in., has a maximum sever thickness of 1-1/2 in., and provides the fastest cut speed at any thickness material for its class.

Tougher MIG gun

Victor Technologies says it has improved and enhanced the Tweeco Classic Number 4 MIG gun by incorporating higher resistant materials,

New angle grinder with 20% higher power


Industrial tool specialist, Fuji Air Tools, has launched a new powerful series of 7” angle grinders with 1800W/2.4hp output – 20% higher than alternative grinders in the same class.

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