Coherent's HighLightFL4000CSM fibre laserClick image to enlargeThe HighLight FL4000CSM-ARM fibre laser from Coherent Inc. overcomes the limitations of other joining technologies.

It enables advanced welding capabilities for high thermal conductivity metals and aligns to welding requirements for e-mobility, energy storage and general electrical interconnects consisting of dissimilar materials, such as copper and aluminum or foil stacks that require precise control.

Eliminate unstable welds due to welding head wear and the large heat affected zone caused by ultrasonic or standard fibre laser welding.
It’s able to weld thin, conductive materials because of its unique dual beam output (center beam surrounded by a ring beam). The center beam has extremely high brightness (nominal BPP 0.6) allowing a smaller spot size compared to multi-mode counterparts. The small spot size results in very high laser intensity that minimizes heating of the material, improving stability of the melt pool and weld consistency.

The Coherent HighLight FL4000CSM-ARM is available with an output power of 4 kW (1.5 kW center beam, 2.5 kW ring beam). Power in the center and ring beams can be independently varied and modulated. It’s supplied with a 15-metre length process fiber and is compatible with standard process heads from Coherent or other manufacturers.

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