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The LVD Strippit Dyna-Cell robotic bending cell is now available with LVD’s Easy-Form Laser in-process adaptive bending system.

Easy-Form establishes the desired angle from the first bending operation. Dyna-Cell also features a new intelligent automatic programming wizard for programming the bending cell.

LVD Strippit says these features advance Dyna-Cell’s capacity to automate the bending of small- to medium-sized parts in varying batch sizes at bending speeds up to 25 mm (1 in.)) per second.
LVD’s 10-10 rule means that CAM generation of the bending and robot program takes 10 minutes and setup and first part production takes the same amount of time.

Dyna-Cell is equipped with an intelligent automatic programming wizard. CAM program preparation of the press brake and robot is handled offline with no need to physically teach the robot. This cuts setup time and speeds up ‘art-to-part’ times for batches of all sizes.

After importing the 3D drawing, the software automatically generates the bending and robotics program. The software calculates a complete collision-free path through all positions, while also providing easy programming of “standard” product families, such as multi flange, brackets and profiles.

The software automatically generates the press brake bending program and the robot’s movement, directing it from one bend to the next to form the part and then to offload or stack the part.

LVD’s Easy-Form Laser adaptive bending system adds process consistency to Dyna-Cell. Easy-Form is an option on the Dyna-Press Pro 40-ton electric press brake that is at the heart of the Dyna-Cell. Easy-Form transmits the digital information in real time to the CNC control unit, which processes it and adjusts the position of the ram/punch to achieve the correct angle. The bending process is not interrupted and no production time is lost. Easy-Form allows the machine to adapt to material variations, including sheet thickness, strain hardening and grain direction, automatically compensating for changes.
Dyna-Cell is designed to work in automated bending mode or as a standalone press brake when the application does not warrant automation.

A patent-pending universal gripper handles a wide range of parts, eliminating the need for different-sized grippers and reducing part regripping and changeover time. LVD’s universal gripper accommodates part sizes from 35 X 100 mm (1.37 X 3.93 in.) up to 350 X 500 mm (13.78 X 19.68 in.) and manages parts as heavy as 3 kg (6.6 lbs.).

The Dyna-Cell compact bending cell has a footprint of 5 X 5 m (16 X 16 ft.).

Fast automated bending and part forming

Salvagnini’s newest family of automated panel benders is the P4 panel benders.

Multi-purpose portable welder

The Multiprocess 201 SLM from Canaweld is a powerful, portable and intelligent welding machine. 

Ultrasonic welding

Sefortek Inc. has introduced its Ultrasonic Machine, used to weld on painted parts.

CAD/CAM software for multi axis precision laser systems

Prima Power Laserdyne has released FastTrim CAD/CAM software for use with its multi axis precision laser processing systems.

Lincoln launches new compact fume extraction system

Lincoln Electric has launched Prism, a new fume extraction system with robotic welding and plasma cutting systems in mind. 

Gold-coated tooling clearly indicates wear

New Tiger·tec Gold PVD grade WSP45G from Walter pushes the boundaries of what a cutting tool material can be expected to accomplish.

High productivity plasma piercing, cutting

ESAB has launched Smart Plasmarc 200, a new m2 plasma system for heavy duty mechanized cutting. 

Equator gauging system for larger parts

The new Equator 500 gauging system has been introduced by Renishaw.

Pinch-peel grinder

Rollomatic’s ShapeSmart NP30 replaces the original NP3+ model of pinch/peel grinder.

New angle grinders with 20% higher power

Fuji Air Tools, has launched a new series of 7 in. angle grinders with 1800 W/2.4 hp output – 20 per cent higher than alternative grinders in the same class, claims the company.

Unique machining concept: Multi-task turning

Mazak's Orbitec 20 is a unique machine originally developed as a customized solution for a customer application.

Virtual welding simulators

Lincoln Electric has launched its new VRTEX virtual reality welding training simulators.

Automated hybrid laser processing machine

TRUMPF has introduced the TruLaser Center 7030 fully automated laser processing machine.

IMTS Spotlight: 5 axis machining centre

Exhibitor: Hurco   Booth: S-8319

The VMX42SRTi machining centre is equipped with a direct drive C axis flush rotary torque table that provides a larger work cube.

Submerged arc flux for offshore welding

Lincoln Electric has introduced a new submerged arc flux designed for welding requirements for the offshore construction industry.

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