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Kitigawa NorthTech's Digital Grip Force Anaylizer software and kit measures workholding grip force for machine shops.

The gripping force provided by the workholding and chucking solution is paramount to successfully machining high quality parts. It is often the single largest reason why a machine tool user encounters a variety of issues hindering productivity, performance, reliability and accuracy of the workholding.

One common issue is parts slipping in the chuck, which in turn reduces cycle times, productivity and profits and causes safety issues. Determining gripping force of the workholding in CNC lathes and turning centers has always been difficult for machine tool users, until now.

The new Digital Grip Force Analyzer software and kit allows users to easily, accurately and quickly analyze and measure grip force performance of their CNC lathes and turning centers via a desktop PC, laptop or tablet. If gripping force issues exist, users can take proactive and corrective measures to identify and solve these problems with the Digital Grip Force Analyzer software and kit from Kitagawa NorthTech. Users can download a free version of the new Digital Grip Force Analyzer off Kitagawa NorthTech’s website at:

The Digital Grip Force Analyzer software comes bundled as a complete package with all the tools and accessories to perform advanced process and service diagnostics.

The complete kit includes a rugged carrying case, a Bluetooth dongle loaded with PC analyzer software, digital load meter, and the traditional handheld pendant for manual diagnostics, testing and measurement. The company offers the complete kit available for purchase from a distributor or channel partner. It is suggested that every machine shop can benefit from this indispensable tool and should have at least one or two Kitagawa’s Digital Grip Force Analyzer software kits available for everyday testing, monitoring and troubleshooting.

The software is easily installed onto the PC or laptop via the super powerful Bluetooth dongle. Once installed, the user clicks the Bluetooth icon on the laptop screen and then pushes the Bluetooth icon on the Kitagawa Digital Grip Force Load Meter to initiate connectivity. The load meter will start flashing, and once found by the laptop it will quickly then connect as indicated via the button on the screen that was flashing red, is now flashing green. This is confirmation that the load meter is now successfully connected to the laptop via the USB.

A ring magnet is mounted to the mag based and centered on the load meter in the CNC machine. This communicates the tachometer on the machine is now active and the user can proceed with testing their lathe or turning centers. Once the user inputs the required data and commences run test, the software will compile a G code program to run the test on the machine. Once the test has run and is completed the software will then plot on the PC screen the actual gripping force of the machine at all RPMs you have entered. It’s that simple.

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