Tru Arc vs conventional oscillationClick image to enlarge

Kalamazoo Industries has developed a new abrasive wheel oscillation system called Tru Arc oscillation.

Unlike conventional oscillation where the wheel is moved rapidly up and down by a cam, the Tru Arc oscillation system moves the wheel laterally, providing a greater arc of contact, resulting in faster cutting. Cam-operated conventional oscillation limits wheel travel to +/- 1/32 of an inch, while the Tru Arc oscillation system can be adjusted to move from 1/32 of an inch to almost 1 inch. Both types of systems are designed to be used with coolant which produces a smooth cut, but the Tru Arc oscillation system, powered by a massive motor, can reduce the time to cut super alloys from minutes to seconds.

Ermaksan: Hybrid press brakes

Ermaksan has developed a new generation Evolution series hybrid press brakes. Ermaksan's press brakes are available from Canadian distributor Ferric Machinery, Mississauga, ON.

Safan: 30% faster cycle times

The Safan E-Brake features a servo electric drive based on the pulley principle, which the company says ensures even distribution of forces.

Flexible drilling

Tube, pipe and structural steel fabricators who do a lot of drilling have a new lower cost and more efficient alternative to radial drills or standard tap/drill machines.

High pressure waterjet cutting

High pressure waterjet cutting is gaining in popularity among fabricators because it improves cutting efficiencies.

Prima Power: Servo Electric Press Brake

The new eP-1030 press brake by Prima Power is based on extensive experience in press brakes and servo electric machine tools for sheet metalworking.

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