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The new XPR300 is Hypertherm's most significant advance in mechanized plasma cutting technology ever, says the company.

As such, the product contains a lot of new technology. The following resources are here to help you better understand this new product, in addition to X-Definition Plasma, the new class of plasma introduced with this product.

  • Key Benefits
    Consistent ISO range 2 results on thin mild steel
  • Extended ISO range 3 cut quality compared with earlier technology
  • Superior stainless quality across all thicknesses
  • Superior results on aluminum using Vented Water Injection (VWI)15 per cent faster cut speeds on thicker materials
  • Consumable life increases of more than 40 per cent
  • 20 per cent thicker piercing on stainless;
  • 30 per cent thicker on mild steel
  • Operating costs reduced by more than 50 per cent

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X-Definition Plasma Explained

For the past quarter century, since the early 1990's, the industry has recognized three distinct classes of plasma:

  • Air Plasma such as that found in our portable Powermax systems
  • Conventional Oxygen Plasma designed for high productivity with mid level tolerances
  • High-definition (or high precision) Plasma which improved upon conventional plasma by offering a lower operating cost, higher cut speeds and better cut quality

The XPR300 introduces a new class of plasma which Hypertherm is calling X-Definition Plasma. This class improves cut quality as measured using ISO 9013, an international standard to define the quality of thermally cut parts. This standard uses a scale of 1 to 5, with a Range 1 cut considered best.

The system provides ISO Range 3 cut quality when cutting 12mm (1/2") mild steel for nearly the entire lifespan of the consumables. In comparison, Hypertherm’s HPRXD systems tended to provide a Range 4 cut quality. Additionally laboratory testing shows an ISO Range 2 cut quality on thinner mild steel using lower current settings.

The other thing to note is the consistency of the cut. During laboratory testing in which hundreds of 20 second cuts were made, the cut quality was remarkably uniform. A part cut with brand new consumables looked pretty much identical to a part cut using consumables with more than 1,000 starts.

The significant advance in cut quality applies to mild steel in addition to stainless steel and aluminum, and is the result of several new patent pending process technologies. In fact, in total our engineers developed 39 new processes, roughly three times the number of processes introduced with any other new product.

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