Chiron 's Series 22 combines high-speed and high-precision processing Click image to enlargeThe new twin-spindle DZ Series 22 from Chiron rapidly machines complex, large workpieces, including housings for electric motors and transmissions, oil pumps, chassis components, and more. The company also offers a four axis variant of the Series 22.

The Series 22 combines high-speed and high-precision processing for complete production of even large, high-precision components. Featuring two workpiece-changing table variants, part capacities are generous - the 4-axis trunnion plate version handles 680 mm x 1,330 mm dia., up to 600 kg; and the twin-spindle five axis version handles 2 x 599 mm x 340 mm dia., up to 150 kg.

The moving gantry design is key to the keeping tis machine on a small footprint. The rigid machine bed and active component cooling enable the required degree of precision on the workpiece. High acceleration—X-Y-Z max. 10-10-17 m/s²— in all axes and rapid response to programming inputs ensure dynamic machining. Axis travel distances are X-Y-Z max. 620-650-600 mm and rapid traverse speeds X-Y-Z max. up to 120-120-90 m/min.

The magazines offer space for up to 77 tools and the integrated workpiece changer enables loading and unloading of workpieces during machining, saving cycle time. Tool change time from chip-to-chip is a little more than three seconds.

Two different main spindles are used in Series 22: a fast spindle with a speed of up to 20,000 rpm and a torque of up to 137 Nm for aluminum or aluminum alloys, or a strong spindle with a speed of up to 12,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 200 nm for hard materials and large tools. The 22 series is also available as an HSK-A100 machine for further stability and performance.

Optimize robotic parts handling

The PinPoint Solution from CenterLine (Windsor) Inc. is a configurable machine tending solution to feed parts into robotic lines and cells designed to maximize production throughput and optimize operator utilization and part flexibility.

Next generation virtual reality welding training

With no need to use actual metal or gas or even a dedicated welding booth, Lincoln Electric’s new VRTEX Engage weld training solution brings the ease of virtual reality arc welding training to a student’s desktop.

Making it in Canada

by Mary Scianna

Can Canada's manufacturing industry compete on the world stage?

Let's set the record straight: Canada never has, nor will it ever be, a manufacturing powerhouse like China and India.

Renishaw and Altair launch joint AM production projects

Renishaw has joined forces with enterprise engineering software provider Altair to launch a series of projects aimed at bringing additive manufacturing into serial end use production.

Chatter-free machining of aluminum

A demonstration of Iscar's new four-flute ChatterFree solid mill line of cutting tools cutting aluminum.

Narrow width parting tools

The THINBIT product line, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, offers parting inserts in narrow widths.

Global growth spurt forecast for metal machining sector

UK-based research firm Technavio forecasts the global metal machining market is poised to grow by US$14.76 billion during 2020-2024 at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost four per cent during that period.

CBN insert for sintered metals


BX470 is a new grade in the TurnLine program of Mini T-CBN inserts for machining of sintered metals.

Low cost, high speed machining

SpinJet is a new range of coolant driven, high speed spindles from Iscar designed for use with small diameter tools on low rpm machine tools.

5 axis profiler for aluminum aerospace parts

Fives' new five axis, five spindle Cincinnati XP aerospace profile is designed for machining of structural aluminum parts.

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