Hurco 3D Import with 3D DXF technologyClick image to enlarge

Hurco has added a new 3D Import feature to its Hurco MAX5 control.

This control feature allows the user to load the file they receive from their customer directly into the Hurco control.

“3D Import eliminates extra steps and is a huge time saver,” said Mike Cope, product technical specialist for Hurco. Cope says that it’s now common for shops to receive solid models of the parts that they need to produce, and that even paper prints are becoming obsolete. This led Hurco to develop 3D Import, which includes 3D DXF technology that displays all geometry that the CAD system outputs, including splines. With 3D DXF, the customer can select the bottom of a contour, and the Z-axis depths will also be automatically input into the conversational block.

All previous versions of DXF translators only displayed lines and arcs data, and were only useful in 2D since no Z-axis data was translated. 3D Import (the solid model portion) automatically creates the necessary Transform Plane data blocks in conversational programming for five-sided programs.

“As a proponent of five-sided machining, the automatic creation of Transform Planes is where this control feature really shines,” said Cope (who is the author of the book The Power of FIVE: The Definitive Guide to 5-Axis Machining).

Additionally, the integrated Hurco control powered by WinMax is equipped with more memory and processing power out of the box: 2.7GHz dual core processor, 4GB RAM memory, a 128GB solid state hard drive, 10,000 block lookahead, and a GUI that supports multiple machining strategies.

In addition to the integrated MAX5 control, Hurco’s line of CNC machining centers are equipped with Hurco’s patented UltiMotion motion control system that determines the optimal trajectory to run the tool, provides consistent programmed feed rates and reduces cycle time. UltiMotion allows cornering velocity 2.5 times faster than conventional motion and reduces machine jerk by half. Because the software adapts as required by the tool path, dynamic variable lookahead can be up to 10,000 blocks.

UltiMotion is different from the smoothing features offered by CAD/CAM software and improves upon CAM output with better handling of machine mechanics and dynamics. All Hurco CNC machining centers are equipped with UltiMotion as a standard feature.

More uniform grip with jaw forming ring grips

The Dillon jaw forming ring is an easy-to-use tool that provides a more uniform grip on the workpiece, according to the company.

A welcome power cut

Article courtesy of Iscar

The quest to reduce levels of power consumption in the global metal cutting sector is not a new trend; today it has become an essential technical requirement.

Figure 1

Large diameter drills for the wind turbine industry

Iscar is expanding the CombiCham drill family by adding three drill diameters.

Accurately measure workholding grip force

Kitigawa NorthTech's Digital Grip Force Anaylizer software and kit measures workholding grip force for machine shops.

9 axis twin spindle mill/turn centre

The T8 Hybrid 9-axis twin spindle mill/turn centre from Quicktech combines a three axis power turret and a 360˚ B axis with a sub-spindle that features a four axis gang slide to enable complete machining of complex parts with a capacity of 38 tools.

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