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Tornos has introduced a new 0.7 mm (0.03 in.) SwissNano model, the SwissNano 7.

The new machine’s workpiece machining capacity has been increased from 0.4 X 28 mm (0.02 X 1.1 in.) to 0.7 X 50 mm (0.03 X 1.96 in.). The machine’s six axis kinematics enable numerical settings to be used in all dimensions, and ease of use is enhanced by means of a counter-spindle in three linear axes. Depending on the tool carrier, two, three or four tools can be mounted underneath the counter-spindle.

Tornos has also included a number of options depending on user requirements. Two examples are the thread milling device and the gear hobbing unit. If required, the machine can also be equipped with high frequency spindles. A wide range of precision parts can be machined on the SwissNano, including parts for precision markets such as the micromechanics, electronics, medical and dental segments. 

The increased capacity of the new SwissNano enables users to access new markets where larger diameter parts are required.

“The idea was to offer a machine with a similar design that exhibits the same top performance,” said Philippe Charles, Head of Product Management Swiss-Type. “Against this backdrop, our engineers have paid particular attention to the machine stability.” While it’s only slightly larger than the standard model, the new machine still has the smallest footprint of the market in its category, Tornos says, and offers high thermal stability and precision.

The new SwissNano can be programmed using the Tornos TISIS and TISIS CAM software applications. TISIS CAM has been designed specifically to help Tornos customers with complex operations and reduces setup time.

Spindle output has been boosted from 1 kW to 2.5 kW, and the number of standard tools from 13 to 18. Supplementary machining functions such as thread turning for main machining operations, as well as gear hobbing, polygon milling or cross drilling for back machining operations, have been added. The part collection system is offered in various versions and can be selected depending on the length of the parts produced; it can be swapped quickly during setup work.

Tandem welding system

Fronius has introduced its tandem welding process on the TPS/i welding platform.

Wind turbine manufacturing solutions

Soraluce specializes in the development of advanced solutions for manufacturing structural parts for wind turbines.

More flute options for Seco high feed end mill

Seco has expanded the high feed machining applicability of its Jabro-HFM JHF980 solid carbide end mill with new four and five flute options. The additional flutes allow part manufacturers to achieve maximum productivity when performing face, slot and select plunge milling operations, says the company.

IMTS Spotlight: Modular quick-change tooling

Exhibitor: Exsys Tool   Booth: W-1671

The Preci-Flex modular quick-change tooling system has a selection of adapters that hold different cutting tool and shank designs.

Universal chamfer cutter

Sandvik Coromant has introduced CoroMill 495, a universal tool that addresses the issue of requiring multiple, dedicated cutters in the toolchanger of a machining centre to create different component chamfers. 

HMC reduces floor space by 20%

Kitamura Machinery's new Mycenter-HX300iG is a new high speed compact #40 HMC that is 20 per cent smaller than the company's 400 mm and offers the same power, accuracy and reliability.

Eight-edge face milling tooling for auto market

Sandvik Coromant has introduced an eight-edge finishing tool for face milling of cast materials in the automotive industry.

Field notes - Haas ST-20SSY

End User: Techtronics Machine Works Ltd.

Techtronics Machine Works Ltd. is a precision machine and fabrication shop in Musquodoboit Harbour, NS, with a simple, but effective growth strategy: investment in technology.

More performance with end mills for side, pocket milling

Sandvik Coromant's new CoroMill Plua HFS end mills for side and pocket milling offer higher performance and security in machining, according to the company.

Optimizing automotive engine manufacturing

Constantly changing factors such as unstable oil prices, ever more demanding environmental protection legislations and the evolution of more efficient technologies ensures a continually changing global automotive market place. These factors also increase the ongoing competition between carmakers and OEMs and dictate today's automotive industry manufacturing trends.

Multi-process welding system

ESAB's new Rebel EMP 215ic is a 120V-230V CC/VC welding system the company says offers true multi-process arc performance.

Weld visualization technology and 3D welding helmet

SRI International has partnered with Kawada Technologies and Kawada Industries to introduce weld visualization technology and a 3D welding helmet.

Micro engraving cutters

BIG Kaiser has introduced a series of micro engraving cutters developed and built by its partner Sphinx. The solid carbide engraving cutters’ sharp, positive cutting geometry promotes burr-free surface finishes and smooth transitions.

CMTS Exhibitor Spotlight: Lincoln Electric (Booth 2048)

At CMTS 2019 Lincoln Electric will have its Ranger 330MPX welder/generator engine drive on hand.

ProHeat rolling inductor with infrared temperature sensor

Miller Elecric's new ProHeat rolling inductor heating system, now with an optional infrared temperature sensor, is a heating process the company says delivers fast, consistent heat and can solve many preheating problems related to moving parts.

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