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Tornos has introduced a new 0.7 mm (0.03 in.) SwissNano model, the SwissNano 7.

The new machine’s workpiece machining capacity has been increased from 0.4 X 28 mm (0.02 X 1.1 in.) to 0.7 X 50 mm (0.03 X 1.96 in.). The machine’s six axis kinematics enable numerical settings to be used in all dimensions, and ease of use is enhanced by means of a counter-spindle in three linear axes. Depending on the tool carrier, two, three or four tools can be mounted underneath the counter-spindle.

Tornos has also included a number of options depending on user requirements. Two examples are the thread milling device and the gear hobbing unit. If required, the machine can also be equipped with high frequency spindles. A wide range of precision parts can be machined on the SwissNano, including parts for precision markets such as the micromechanics, electronics, medical and dental segments. 

The increased capacity of the new SwissNano enables users to access new markets where larger diameter parts are required.

“The idea was to offer a machine with a similar design that exhibits the same top performance,” said Philippe Charles, Head of Product Management Swiss-Type. “Against this backdrop, our engineers have paid particular attention to the machine stability.” While it’s only slightly larger than the standard model, the new machine still has the smallest footprint of the market in its category, Tornos says, and offers high thermal stability and precision.

The new SwissNano can be programmed using the Tornos TISIS and TISIS CAM software applications. TISIS CAM has been designed specifically to help Tornos customers with complex operations and reduces setup time.

Spindle output has been boosted from 1 kW to 2.5 kW, and the number of standard tools from 13 to 18. Supplementary machining functions such as thread turning for main machining operations, as well as gear hobbing, polygon milling or cross drilling for back machining operations, have been added. The part collection system is offered in various versions and can be selected depending on the length of the parts produced; it can be swapped quickly during setup work.

More uniform grip with jaw forming ring grips

The Dillon jaw forming ring is an easy-to-use tool that provides a more uniform grip on the workpiece, according to the company.

A welcome power cut

Article courtesy of Iscar

The quest to reduce levels of power consumption in the global metal cutting sector is not a new trend; today it has become an essential technical requirement.

Figure 1

Large diameter drills for the wind turbine industry

Iscar is expanding the CombiCham drill family by adding three drill diameters.

Accurately measure workholding grip force

Kitigawa NorthTech's Digital Grip Force Anaylizer software and kit measures workholding grip force for machine shops.

9 axis twin spindle mill/turn centre

The T8 Hybrid 9-axis twin spindle mill/turn centre from Quicktech combines a three axis power turret and a 360˚ B axis with a sub-spindle that features a four axis gang slide to enable complete machining of complex parts with a capacity of 38 tools.

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