Montreal’s Vention posts strong results empowering manufacturers to jump-start and scale their automation

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Driven by many external trends like rising labor costs, labor shortages and companies looking to re-shore manufacturing, Vention had more than eight product releases in 2022. PHOTO courtesy Vention.

Montreal-based automation provider Vention reports a record performance for 2022, driven by global demand for its Manufacturing Automation Platform. The company registered robust net revenue growth and a significant increase in its presence in Europe and North America.

“Vention’s mission to democratize industrial automation has never been more relevant. With labor shortage, salary inflation, and reshoring of production, manufacturers are looking for new, innovative solutions to automate their factory floor,” said Etienne Lacroix, CEO and Co-Founder. “Over the past years, Vention has helped more than 3,000 manufacturers automate their shop floor.”

Driven by many external trends like rising labor costs, labor shortages and companies looking to re-shore manufacturing, Vention grew its active customer base by more than 900 new companies and grew its automation partners.

The company had more than eight product releases, and announced new software, hardware, and applications in 2022. Specifically:

New MachineLogic features were released to raise the ceiling of what can be programmed in a code-free environment. Some of the key features included robot-path visualization, simultaneous motion, multi-controller programming, and lambda functions. “MachineLogic is key to our mission of democratizing industrial automation, and subscribers can expect a series of additional announcements in 2023,” said  Lacroix. “We are only scratching the surface of the possible user experiences when you combine industrial automation hardware and engineering software.

MachineCloud , software for assisted deployment of industrial automation, was launched during Demo Day 2022. This new addition to Vention’s Manufacturing Automation Platform enables software-assisted deployment of automated equipment directly from the cloud to the factory floor with step-by-step guidance.

Combining speed and simplicity for high-performance palletizing, Vention launched a new application, the industrial palletizerwith robotics by FANUC. Requiring less technical integration and operational expertise than ever before, this turn-key solution helps overcome labor shortages and production efficiency shortfalls.

Vention also elevated its collaborative applications with the new telescopic lift column. Increasing the reach of robot cells without the need for additional support structures, the column connects directly to the MachineMotion controller using a single cable enabling true plug-and-play functionality.

Vention also strengthened its alliances with both automation and robotic partners. It has welcomed 50 new partners to its automation network including Groupe MCA (France), Gimic (Sweden), Mid Atlantic Machinery (USA), CIMTEC Automation (USA), and Dominion Automation and Cross Automation (USA). Vention has also added multiple robots to its manufacturing automation platform from major robot companies including Universal Robots, FANUC, and Doosan Robotics.

With an increasing demand for Vention’s automated solutions in North America and Europe, Vention opened two new offices in 2022. Already serving hundreds of clients in Europe since 2020, Vention opened a European headquarter and distribution center in Berlin, Germany in Q1. Global clients operating on the Vention platform are benefiting from a one-stop shop for all their manufacturing automation needs on both sides of the Atlantic. Vention also grew its North American footprint with a new office in Boston, Massachusetts. This expansion provided an opportunity to enhance Vention’s support and tap into Boston’s robotic and software engineering talent.

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