FABTECH PREVIEW: KUKA automated solutions and training technology

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At FABTECH, KUKA robots will simulate a bike welding application using KUKA.RoboTeam and a DKP-400 2-axis positioner. PHOTO courtesy KUKA.

At FABTECH Canada, KUKA Robotics will display the latest developments in automated solutions and educational technology in booth 12008.

For attendees, KUKA will demonstrate their KR CYBERTECH nano arc welding robots for economic performance, The Replicator from Optimach for process programming by simply recording tasks by hand, KUKA Edu_ArcWelding for educational training, the KMP 600s-2 for logistics automation and the LBR iisy cobot for intuitive operation and knowledgeable learning with the iiQKA.OS operating system and Educational Kit.

KUKA’s demonstrations include a cell that showcases two versions of the KR CYBERTECH nano arc welding robots: the KR 8 R1440-2 arc HW and the new KR 6 R1440-2 arc HW E. Both offer superb path performance for price-sensitive markets. At FABTECH, the robots will simulate a bike welding application using KUKA.RoboTeam and a DKP-400 2-axis positioner. The combination of these technologies creates a mesmerizing display that demonstrates the various possibilities of motion coordination between the robots and the positioner.

At FABTECH, KUKA will demonstrate non-programming automation technology for grinding and sanding applications in a standard cell using The Replicator from Optimach. The cell is an integration of vision, end of arm tooling, robot and safety to demonstrate a process to the robot by hand. This technology recreates human movements by imitation without any programming. It records the operator’s movements and reproduces human dexterity, allowing the first task to be carried out by human skill and the KUKA robot to repeat subsequent tasks automatically.

The KUKA Edu_ArcWelding is a ready-to-use cell designed to easily adapt into workplaces and education facilities with inherent flexibility and easy implementation. The mobile, all-in-one training cart provides fast and accurate robotic welding programming, operation and small part manufacturing. It is ideal for schools, universities and companies seeking to develop a robotic arc welding training program because a 12-module digital training course and project-based textbooks are included.

The KMP 600s-2 to be showcased in the booth is only one example of the extensive suite of autonomous robots and mobile platforms that KUKA offers for logistics automation. The platforms include a wide range of payloads from 600 kg to 25 tons and can be deployed quickly due to the simplicity of the KUKA.AMR software.

The LBR iisy cobot stands out due to its intuitive operating features, which ensure that it can be put to use quickly and productively without any prior knowledge. The robot uses the iiQKA.OS operating system, making it easy to install, configure and program. Tasks can be taught easily by means of manual guidance. Thanks to the teach pendant KUKA smartPAD pro, any additional programming tasks are as simple as using a smartphone.

Further, the LBR iisy cobot will be mounted at the show in an iiKQA Educational Kit, which includes exercises and a mobile base that is ideal for developing training courses at schools that have limited floor space. The iiKQA Educational Kits can be combined to create mini production lines and teach important factory automation concepts.

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