DMG MORI’s DMF series travelling column machine Click image to enlargeHere’s a look at DMG MORI’s DMF series travelling column machine doing it’s unique thing.

The video demonstrates how it’s freely swiveling angular head can be easily programmed using the new angularTOOL technology cycle to improve flexibility by machining normally inaccessible positions.

Watch the video below:

SkyDrive debuts flying car

SkyDrive Inc., a Toyota-backed company developing “urban air mobility solutions,” conducted its first public demonstration flight of the SD-03 flying car.

New Tiger·tec® Gold turning grades

Tiger·tec® Gold WPP10G, WPP20G, WPP30G – new turning grades.

10 of the biggest vehicles in the world

Some of the biggest things that move, by land, by air, by sea… and even underground

CNC machining at its best

CNC machining is generally pretty satisfying to watch, but we think there’s something especially mesmerizing about these clips.

Creating the Lamborghini Aventador

National Geographic's "MegaFactories" series explores the development and the manufacturing of the Lamborghini Aventador in Northern Italy.

Advances in robotics: Backflipping robot

What a difference two years make. If you followed the DARPA Challenge back in 2015, you’ll know that humanoid robots have a track record of falling over—a lot.

Okuma's GENOS M560-V Is Affordable Excellence

Machining meticulous, high-precision parts has never been easier. With its highly rigid and thermally stable construction, the GENOS M560-V can handle a variety of materials without sacrificing finish quality or productivity.

Disney develops acrobatic robot

Robotics has come a long way in a few short years. This new acrobatic robot from Disney could put stunt performers out of work.

Makino’s next generation vertical machining centres

Building on its PS-Series product line, Makino has introduced the next generation PS65 and PS105 vertical machining centres. Watch them in action here.

Powerful Machines on Another Level

A roundup of seven systems that put in some impressive work.

Okuma insights into the Industrial Internet of Things

These days there’s so much talk about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), or Industry 4.0. Is it all just hype, or is it really as revolutionary as they say?

3D printed pizza and 17 other 3D printed objects

A 3D printed pizza from NASA and 17 other ojects made using additive manufacturing.

Turning - in all directions

Sandvik Coromant has introduced a new concept in turning: PrimeTurning, a new turning methodology which enables turning in all directions.

Plasma Cutting for Beginners: Amperage and Travel Speed

When it comes to plasma cutter setup and technique, setting the correct amperage and using the right travel speed are key.

How Rolls-Royces are made

There are scores of luxury car brands on the market, but the name “Rolls-Royce” is still a byword for the best of the best.

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