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Additive manufacturing technology from Renishaw improves bike's front suspension system

TransFIORmers, a Moto2 race motorcycle, is defying conventions by racing with a front suspension system that is radically different compared to any other Moto2 race bike; a suspension system inspired by Christian Boudinot's mentor Claude Fior, a maverick bike designer.

Claude Fior saw the potential gains of advancing the stability of the front suspension system, initially on endurance motorcycles and later on a 250cc competition race bike. Christian rode for Claude on his 250cc competition race bike, experiencing the system first hand. The suspension system dramatically improves the handling of the motorcycle, allowing for improved stability and later braking into corners.

he team consider themselves the first in the Moto2 championship to utilise metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology in the production of such a functional, structural, component.

The component, a wishbone, is a key part of the FIOR suspension system. One component of two that attaches the forks to the chassis of the motorcycle enabling movement of the forks.

To realise the benefits of additive manufacturing (AM) the team called upon the world-class expertise of I3D Concept, which is based close to the team's base in Perigueux, France. Using Renishaw's AM 250 additive manufacturing system, they worked to further advance the components design and manufacturing.

The component, additively manufactured in Titanium, is an example of effective part consolidation. Previously composed of several machined and welded aluminium parts, it has now been consolidated into one single component. This topological optimisation resulted in a weight saving of approximately 40%.

Haas donates $80,000 for skills training in Canada

The Gene Haas Foundation is donating more than US $80,000 to support skills training in Canada. In Western Canada, the Gene Haas Foundation has donated US $50,000 in scholarship funding to Skills Canada and in Ontario, it has donated US $30,000 ($36,000 CDN) for scholarship funding for students enrolled in Georgian College's Mechanical Technician-Precision Skills program. Earlier this year, the Foundation donated US $50,000 to Ontario Skills for scholarships in CNC technology. To date, just in this year alone, the Gene Haas Foundation has granted $150,000 to three Skills Canada competitions and to scholarships.

Automated, integrated, unattended toolmaking

ANCA's Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS) uses smart automation and IT integration to connect tool production processes and systems, and this video demonstrates how that leads to 24/7 production.

See How Termites Inspired a Building That Can Cool Itself | Decoder

How do you cool a building without air conditioning? Using an approach called biomimicry, see how architect Mick Pearce harnessed the ingenuity of termites to design a natural cooling system for the largest commercial building in Zimbabwe.

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The shift toward battery electric vehicles has delivered an astonishing amount of opportunities for mining, manufacturing, the supply chain and everything in between. But is Canada ready to take its rightful position in the global battery sector?

LVD Strippit's automated bending cell in action

LVD Strippit's Dyna-Cell is the company's next generation in automated bending.

Mazak to open tech centre in Edmonton

Mazak Corp. Canada will in September 2020 open a new technical centre in Edmonton, Alta. 

15 future aircraft

Futuristic personal aircraft are on the drawing boards now

Robotic education cell for training

Lincoln Electric partnered with Fanuc to create the robotic education cell. It serves as a portable training system for classroom use and gives students the opportunity to gain insights into proper programming for operating a robot.

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Preparation is the first step to successful runs and positive margins on each job

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