Retooling and Prioritizing Medical Equipment

THINBIT® working at a social distance and wearing face mask. Click image to enlarge

THINBIT® has always excelled at making custom tools and this crisis has shown this ability to be a critical asset in retooling shops to make medical devices.

Article submitted by THINBIT® / Kaiser Tool Company, Inc.

THINBIT® is dedicated to helping our customers and employees through this pandemic. In support of these efforts, for customers producing products for COVID-19 we are waiving expediting fees and getting most orders out the door on the same day.

We have changed some of our practices and we were able to donate several N95 masks to local first responders, doctors and nurses working on the front lines of this pandemic.

Internally to keep our employees safe we have implemented several new rules. We have restricted visitors and vendors. We have quarantine areas for incoming shipments and mail. We have created an additional break area so our employees can keep good social distancing practices. To keep the social distancing the best we can, we have moved employee work areas where necessary and some employees are able to work from home. All employees and visitors are required to wear mask at all times while on the premises.

THINBIT® owners and employees are very proud to be able to help where we can by doing what we do best.

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