Iscar’s Innovation Continues to Rise to (and during) the Challenge

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In moving forward, ISCAR Supports You. When opportunities present themselves in strange forms, it’s the opportunity to explore your strengths, to share them and connect with your industry, your family, to help strengthen them in unity.

Article submitted by Iscar Tools Inc.

Iscar and Innovation has been synonymous, after all it’s the company mantra; ‘Iscar, Where Innovation Never Stops’. So when this pandemic hit Canada and there were so many questions as to how do we move forward as an industry leader, Iscar was very quick to put strategies in place that would not only support our own staff but to be seamless in supporting our customers.

Iscar recognized this as an opportunity to strengthen its core, expanding their product and technical training, hosted every other day, coast to coast – only this time, virtually. These educational and training sessions, presented by Iscar Technical Marketing Manager, Steve Geisel, are made available and open to Iscar staff, distributors and end-users alike. Attended online by 300 participants, each presentation is a viable source to keep the pulse on the advancements of metal cutting for all of us.

Knowing close contact with our customer base is a challenge and understandably is met with cautious restrictions, the ISCAR Matrix inventory solution from the IMC company CTMS has been a game changer. The ability to stay in close contact with customer inventory needs and requirements, daily, hourly or even in real time, has proven to be incredibly powerful. The Matrix units have the ability to monitor and reorder stock automatically, keeping our customers running without interruptions. This is also possible given the ramping up of Iscar product productions as the news of the pandemic first hit. This foresight by Iscar has enabled a 99% next day service level status of standard product. Iscar has already put in place further opportunities to expand the Matrix inventory solutions for customers during this time by offering extended payment terms, special incentives and also a consignment coupon covering one month of standard product usage.

The successful launch of the Iscar WEBSHOP has been embraced by Iscar customers, proving the preference of online purchasing for metal cutting products is equally as simple as purchasing everyday items on other online megastores. The ability to create a list of constant use items in your own library of tooling, while having the ability to build and price out new project set ups is a very powerful tool. The product listings mirror the Iscar E-CAT which provides full specs, recommendations and alternative options – all for you to choose the best options for your manufacturing projects. The WEBSHOP is a very advanced portal, supported by our Customer Service Team, that confirms your orders and sends you the tracking information once the order is sealed for shipping.

Though our sales staff may not be putting too many driving hours in these days, they are still making a significant impact and very much in close contact with our customers. We have been active in our communication and adapting to new means of introducing product advancements, tooling recommendations using Microsoft Teams and Facetime to be virtually at assistance to help solve many issues. This has been a pivotal moment for some customers as they have retooled to the aid of helping the medical field with sanitization centres, ventilators and facial guards, along with other PPE products to help keep Canadians safe. To be included to the call of our healthcare workers needs is a very honourable situation and we’re proud to be able to offer technical solutions.

Our ability to be accessible via multiple platforms has been influential. The ISCAR PODCAST is now live and available – covering successful trials and implementations of our latest LOGIQ products and the harnessing of market knowledge. This is all intertwined with the ISCAR YOUTUBE channel ‘iscarweb’ which covers product solutions for a vast line of manufactured products for all industries. The highlight of all our platforms is the simplicity of access to every one of them. Each of these that have been showcased here are all found in one place – The ISCAR WORLD APP which is available for free download from your choice of App Store.

ISCAR knows that coming out of this and recovering into a ‘new normal’ we will all be stronger and technically equipped to meet all challenges ahead.

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