Global Shop Solutions ERP software helps manufacturers on the front lines

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Global Shop Solutions continues to operate at full speed remotely while putting the success of our manufacturing customers first.

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Many of our manufacturing customers are on the front lines creating components of PPE for first responders, biocontainment labs, and more to stop the spread of COVID-19. These customers needed our 24-7 support to ramp up production of these vital items. Since mid-March, we moved our employees to work from home so our ERP software customers wouldn’t experience any downtime in service. Within the first few weeks of working remotely we contacted every customer (thousands in total) directly and have made ourselves available night or day.

Over these months, we’ve seen many Global Shop Solutions customers making new products or increasing production to make items such as hyperbaric oxygen hoods, therapeutic lab trailers, 3D printed face masks, face shields, ventilator components, emergency tents and more. The human spirit is showing its best form and it’s our mission to help!

Further, we knew many manufacturers were shut down or working remote with more free time than normal due to government restrictions. To help them be productive during this time, we moved all our in-person training to a virtual environment offering live webinars, pre-recorded videos or self-paced in-depth training.

Our mission is the same – every single employee is determined to love, serve, and care for our customers. We will continue to provide outstanding support to all of our customers as they navigate this challenging time.

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