Diversify your shop capabilities with abrasive waterjet

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Waterjets are the most versatile machines tools you can purchase for your shop, and with the GlobalMAX, buying a waterjet is now more accessible than ever before. Starting at $54,950 USD, you get the quality and reliability OMAX is known for.

Article submitted by OMAX Corporation

The GlobalMAX abrasive waterjet line by OMAX offers value and durability as priorities and is capable of cutting virtually any material. The completely integrated GlobalMAX by OMAX takes advantage of two and a half decades of waterjet research and development to offer a completely integrated system of pump, table, and advanced motion control system that is easy to use.

This unit can cut almost any material from composites to aluminum, plastics and foam. Like all waterjets, the GlobalMAX allows for weld ready parts right off the machine as there is no heat affected zones. With the versatility of an abrasive waterjet, you and your company are ready for whatever material changes may happen in the future.

OMAX is always looking to make our machines more accessible. We do this by making our software easy to use and by offering a wide range of machines to meet everyone’s price point. The combination of the GlobalMAX and the 10HP pump is priced as low as $54,950 USD.

Leverage the benefits of abrasive waterjet cutting with the value-focused GlobalMAX by OMAX. Designed and manufactured in the USA, GlobalMAX keeps the OMAX philosophy of performance, reliability, and ease of use.

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