FABTECH SPOTLIGHT: Scotchman Industries heavy duty metal fabrication

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Scotchman Industries will showcase its latest ironworkers and saws.

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Scotchman Industries will perform live demonstrations continuously throughout the four-day show to highlight the benefits of its equipment designed for heavy duty metal fabrication.

Products will include the CPO 350 AutoLoader circular cold saw with a new Clear Awareness Barrier with safety interlock switch. These new features provide extra safety for sawing while allowing the operator to visually monitor the saw in-action.
The variable speed CPO 350 saw is semi-auto, and coupled with an auto loading material feed system, it creates a fully automatic sawing system which can cut multiple lengths of tube (max 76. mm or 3 in. dia.). This CPO 350 saw can run unlimited cut lists from 38 mm to 7 m (1/2 in. to 23 ft) lengths.

Another highlight will be the Scotchman 5014-ET Ironworker, the world’s first and only 50-ton hydraulic ironworker with a three-station turret. The innovative revolving turret accepts up to three different punch sizes that can be changed in seconds reducing set-up time and increasing productivity. The hydraulic ironworker features 50 tons of pressure and can punch a 13/16 in. hole in a 3/4 in. plate and comes standard with a 4 in. angle shear, 14 in. flat bar shear, and rectangle notcher.

Scotchman will also feature other equipment, including:

Ironworker models: DO95, FI85, 5014-ET, 50514-EC with Digital Quick Stop Measuring System.
Cold saw models: CPO 350 with Digital Quick Stop Measuring System, GAA-500 CNC DT20, SUP 600 AngleMaster, CPO 315 HFA.
Pipe Notcher models: AL1-2E and AL150 HS.
Hydraulic Press: PressPro 110.
Measuring Systems: AccuTable Digital Caliper Table for Long Lengths

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