FABTECH SPOTLIGHT: Prima Power's Laser Genius+ 2D: A new era of laser cutting

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Prima Power has enhanced its range of 2D fiber laser cutting machines.

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The new Laser Genius+ 2D fiber laser machine, completely designed and built in Italy, was developed using Prima Power's experience of over 40 years and an extremely pragmatic approach aimed at satisfying real market expectations.

With a trajectory speed of 180m/min, Laser Genius+ is one of the fastest and most productive machines on the market. Most importantly, the machine has been designed to make the most of the laser power available.

The family of machines include sizes 1530, 2040 and 2060 and can be equipped with a wide range of fiber laser powers, from 2 to 15 kW. The machine is designed to have total control over the laser process and to obtain maximum reliability and quality with all of the power available. To take advantage of the high power capability, you need a fast, rigid and light machine. In fact, just like cars, horsepower isn’t enough on its own to get high performance, but rather the suspension, rigid frame and lightness all matter. It’s exactly the same for a laser machine. To reduce cycle times, what matters is an excellent relationship between the rigidity of the frame and the weight of the moving masses. It’s precisely these features that allow the Laser Genius+ to squeeze out every ounce of power at all times.

Despite its compact layout, the Laser Genius+ has the largest working area compared to other 2D machines available on the market (X, Y, Z axis strokes: 3150 x 1600 x 150 mm, for the 1530 model, and 4320 x 2200 x 150 mm, for the 2040 model).

The new Prima Power fiber laser head with adaptive optics is designed for excellent cutting quality and dynamics on all materials and on processable gauges with laser powers up to 15kW.

The machine can be integrated with your other systems and management software, thus maximising efficiency and productivity. The software manages all phases: importing production orders generated by your system, automatic programming with Prima Power CAMs, production planning and creation of work lists to be loaded directly onto the machine, right up to the collection of machine data on production (pieces produced, materials used) and performance (machine status, alarms, processing times) to offer you all the data necessary for production control management systems, all the while being fully compliant to Industry 4.0 law requirements.

Laser Genius+ is designed for continuous 24/7 production. The standard supply includes an automatic, fully electric pallet changer, with up to 30% reduced cycle times compared to previous versions.

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