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Take a look at the top five fastest trains in the world. According to the video, these are official track records. 

 Here's a list of the world's fastest trains:

  • Japanese maglev L0 series: top speed of 603 km/h (374 mph).
  • Shanghai maglev: top speed upto 501 km/h (311 mph).
  • Harmony CRH 380a: top speed 380 km/h (236.12mph).
  • AVG Italo: top speed 360 km/h (223.6 mph).
  • Siemens Velaro E/AVS 103: top speed 349.8 km/h (217.4 mph).

Fully automated complex sheet metal folding

A RAS MiniBendCenter, among other machines, being operated robotically to fold complex shapes.

TIG welding thin aluminum

Thin aluminum can be difficult to weld, but with the proper settings and procedure your TIG welds will turn out perfectly. In this video, Wyatt Swaim from Lincoln Electric shows you how to weld 6061 aluminum using a Lincoln Electric Invertex V205-T.

High speed laser cutting of tube and pipe

Mazak Optonic's Tube Gear 2D laser cutting machine offers high speed and high precision cutting for thin-walled tube and pipe applications.

Perseverance Pays Off

By Michael Ouellette

Fiber laser cutting system with Rotary Index

The Amada ENSIS 3015 RI fiber laser transitions between sheet and tube/pipe cutting.

Hybrid multi-tasking from Mazak

The VTC-300C FSW hybrid multi-tasking machining centre adds friction stir welding to the spindle, which uses frictional heat and forging pressure to create full-penetration, defect-free welded joints.

Faster Changes

by Nestor Gula

Automatic tool changers increase bending productivity

Labour saving breakthroughs

A roundup of new labour saving technologies including a printer that prints roads.

Improving metrology with modular fixtures

Renishaw demonstrates the benefits of using modular metrology fixtures versus traditional methods.

Welding aluminum with straight MIG gun

The Warrior and Aristo Mig systems from ESAB provide Trailstar with reliable, highly efficient performance through two daily shifts of high arc-on time, high amperage welding.

HMC facelift

by Bernie Otto

Advice on retrofitting your HMCs

How to change consumables in a plasma torch

Lincoln Electric's Bill Hodges demonstrates how to remove and replace the consumables within a quick disconnect torch head. Knowing what to do will save you time and money.

Exporting Your Business

by Tim Wilson

Insights into how to succeed in export markets

Machine Tool Maintenance

by Douglas Rizzo

Your machine tool can last decades if you take care of it

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