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This Hungary based autonomous vehicle company believes self driving cars can navigate with regular cameras.

Read the report and watch the video here..

Perseverance Pays Off

By Michael Ouellette

Securing indexable inserts

by Kevin Burton

Ensuring your inserts stay fixed during thread turning operations

Federal Budget 2017: A Lackluster Budget with Some Promise

Anyone looking for specific support for manufacturing in the 2017 Federal Government's Budget will be disappointed. Indeed, there is little mention of manufacturing.

Salvagnini's fiber laser cutting in the electrical industry

Salvagnini demonstrates its fiber laser cutting in the electrical components industry.

Additive manufacturing from EOS

Additive manufacturing from EOS at a German automotive manufacturer.

Threading Dilemmas

by Kip Hanson

To tap, or not to tap? That is the question

Plasma Cutting for Beginners: Amperage and Travel Speed

When it comes to plasma cutter setup and technique, setting the correct amperage and using the right travel speed are key.

SA1 series surface grinder

Okamoto’s new ACC-SA1 Series surface grinder

Successful hard milling

by Charles Colonair

Hard milling materials up to 66 HRC requires the right techniques

Fast Facts: Automatic Pallet Changers (APCs)

Automatic pallet changers (APCs), also known as pallet pools, provide staging and storage areas for machined parts.

New Tiger·tec® Gold turning grades

Tiger·tec® Gold WPP10G, WPP20G, WPP30G – new turning grades.

Hurco CNC machines

Hurco is best known for its control software and “shop floor” programming, but the company is also showcasing its VMXi series of performance machining centres.

Digital disruption

by Mary Scianna

Integrate automation with AIMS

The ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS) connects sequential processes in tool manufacturing to bank the benefits of automation and integration.

New chipformers for efficient steel chip removal

Iscar's three new chipformers for finishing medium and rough turning of steel: R3P, M3P and F3P.  The chipbreakers are designed to decrease the volume of chips removed from the workpiece during the machining process for efficient chip removal.

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