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To learn about new manufacturing technologies and educate your shop floor workers, does your company prefer to use online resources such as webinars, or does it send people off site to trade shows, conferences and seminars?

We typically try to attend tradeshows annually to stay informed of new developments and technologies within our industry. In the past we have used
webinars, attended conferences and seminars for training and information purposes.
—Mark Godin, fabrication manager, Baumeier Corp., Cambridge, ON

We sent our employees offsite for training. It cost more, but then they are not distracted from what is happening and can give their full attention to what they are being trained on.
—J.S. (Jeff) McKinnon, CIM Metals Inc., Burlington, ON

If the training is very specific and does not take a lot of time, we use online resources and train people in a group. If the training is going to be of any duration, we would send them off site.
—Gord Cameron,Hewitt (Brockville) Ltd., Brockville, ON

The question asked has two parts, technology and education. To keep up to speed on technology advances, we do attend some trade shows. This involves one to three people usually. We are also in regular contact with our machine and process equipment suppliers and they are always showing us what’s new and trying to sell it to us. While we do some online research, I wouldn’t
say that we use online training very often. 

As far as the education piece, I would say that most times we have one to two people who are subject matter experts and we deliver in-house training from them to the rest of the organization. We may send one to two people out to get their training, but not usually any more than that would do external training.
—Greg Gale, general manager,David W. Wilson Manufacturing Ltd., Cathcart, ON


We have previously sent people off site but we are now trending more towards online, as we do not have the travel expense costs, or travel time. Also this way we can have more of a group involved.
—Deborah Butzer, accounting/HR administrator, James Ross Ltd.,Elizabethtown, ON

Down to the wire

Controlling consumable costs in wire EDM

by Jim Barnes

Wire is one of the most visible costs in EDM. As a primary consumable in the process, most owners are interested in reducing their usage of wire. As with any exercise in cost reduction, though, it is important not to confuse price with cost.

Robotic/AI lab opens in China’s manufacturing hub

Chinese social media giant Tencent has announced plans to open a manufacturing-oriented robotics/AI development lab in Shenzhen.

Bore gauging system

The MicroGauge is a two-point gauging system that features a new integral digital readout and is designed for accurate diameter measurement of bores from 1.00 to 6.0 mm. 

High speed laser cutting for tube and pipe

Mazak Optoincis Tube Gear laser for high speed cutting in tube and pipe applications.

Swiss choice

Turning microparts demands the most productive machine tools possible

by Jim Barnes

Benefits of Thread Whirling

by Chris Foschaar

Thread whirling may be the better option over single point threading

Sharp Focus

What you should consider before purchasing an optical measurement device

by Fritz Jordaan

Due to the extensive range of products available in the market, optical measuring devices range from stereo microscopes, measuring microscopes, and profile projectors, to 2D and 3D vision systems both manual and CNC.

Skills training: government funding isn't enough

The Federal government spends nearly $2.5 billion for skills training in Canada via training transfers to provincial governments and territories.

Physics busters

These ten objects seem to defy the laws of physics.

Fiber laser welding in action

Amada's fiber laser welding in action

The world’s first 3D-printed electric car

The LSEV, manufactured in China entirely through 3D printing, will hit the market next April. It already has 7000 orders from European customers.

TRUMPF enters 3D printing market with joint venture

TRUMPF has entered the fast-growing 3D printing market through a joint venture with SISMA S.p.A., Italy's largest laser manufacturer.

What’s In Your Wire?

by Nestor gula

Welding wire can make or break the weld

FIELD NOTES: Plasma cutter

Supplier: MicroStep Canada

End User: All Seasons Equipment

Is a tandem press brake the right solution for you?

This video highlights the benefits of using a tandem press brake (two press brakes used in a single operation) versus purchasing one large press brake. It examines installation costs, productivity and versatility between the two machines.

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