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What one factor would help your manufacturing business become more competitive and why?

Ellery Manufacturing Ltd. has been machining and fabricating since 1978. Over the past 35 years our largest recurring obstacle has been qualified trades people.

The one factor, which would help our manufacturing business become more competitive, would be a consistent labour force supply.

We have recently invested significantly in new CNC equipment but are not able to find employees in a timely manner when required. This is a long-time standing issue which does not seem to be getting resolved any time soon.

Here in British Columbia, as per other areas throughout Canada, we face the lack of qualified trades people.

At present, Ellery Manufacturing Ltd. is advertising extensively for qualified individuals, locally and abroad, for jobs we are offering.

The response is very limited, particularly for the highly qualified CNC machinist positions we are looking to fill.

Our company’s growth rate is directly proportional to our manufacturing capacity, which in turn is based on the number of employees in production.

Sales figures are based on the ability to produce given work within the limited time periods quoted. i.e. you can only produce as much work as the number of man hours available. More employees give you the ability for more billable man hours.  

More available manpower not only allows increased sales, but also increases the ability for better control of delivery commitments.

More qualified individuals will add to our competitiveness.
Paul Ellery, VP, GM, Ellery Manufacturing Ltd., Surrey, BC


“Any technological advancement would have a positive impact on our competitive edge. Newer, more efficient equipment would help us react more quickly and effectively, and would address the advantages currently held by cheap labour offshore.”
 Joseph Manzoli, president,Colourfast Corp., Concord, ON

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