Setting PrioritiesClick image to enlargeMike Brownhill, commercial accounts director at Export Development Canada (EDC), suggests a few key factors all manufacturers should take into consideration when planning for 2021.


Biggest issue
The break-even point of production. “Back in the 2008 recession, shops were only able to break even if they were running at 80 per cent of capacity. We are seeing that again, but across many industries.” He says companies might have excess costs in their structure and are struggling to remove it.

Customer Concentration
If your only work was supplying wing spars into the Boeing 737, you were probably really happy three years ago. Right now, you might be going out of business. “If you are overly-dependent on one industry segment or one buyer, the impact of another disruption could be more acute.”

Cash Flow
“We see companies trying to defer their payables and accelerate receivables, and EDC has seen a sharp pickup in demand for accounts receivable insurance so companies can borrow against their receivables even if they are being drawn out,” says Brownhill, who suggests communicating early, openly and honestly with your financial institutions. "It’s best to have those discussions early and get the ball rolling."

Unfortunately, opportunity may come at the expense of a company that didn’t make it through this, but coming out of an economic crisis there is often a chance to invest in depressed assets. If you can find these types of opportunities and acquire new equipment while also retaining your employees, it will boost your flexibility and drop your break-even point. Brownhill calls this “bolt-on” growth.

“There is opportunity, at least from my perspective in the manufacturing sector. Trends will ebb and flow, but there is always going to be industrial demand. If your company is in tune with the markets and you have the financial flexibility and resources to shift over the course of time, there is definitely growth coming out of this. If you are rigid and locked down in your structure, be it for operational considerations or capacity or financial availability, it might be tougher to grow out of this.” SMT

Big turnout for BC machine tool open house

In yet another sign that the manufacturing industry is in revival mode, 300 people attended an open house at Thomas Skinner's Vancouver, BC, branch, "the best turn-out in years," says Don Babineau, vice president of operations.

Great Expectations

by Noelle Stapinsky

Using R&D to go beyond demand to supply future needs 

Additive manufacturing for motorbikes

Additive manufacturing technology from Renishaw improves bike's front suspension system

TransFIORmers, a Moto2 race motorcycle, is defying conventions by racing with a front suspension system that is radically different compared to any other Moto2 race bike; a suspension system inspired by Christian Boudinot's mentor Claude Fior, a maverick bike designer.

Welding: Stuck on Stick

by Nestor Gula

Stick welding is the oldest and most common welding procedure, and it will be with us for a long time

OPEN LETTER COVID-19: Impact on the Aerospace Industry

We are at a critical point in the history of our sector and country

Where's the money?

When the bank says “no” to acquisition plans, it’s time to turn to non-traditional financing

by Mark Borkowski

In the business of investment banking we are exposed to many difficult situations that business owners may face.

Fume extraction at the source

Translas has released two new fume extractors to reduce welders’ exposure to hazardous fumes and provide a healthier, safer work environment.

Supersonic car turns to additive manufacturing for help

Renishaw is contributing its knowledge in additive manufacturing to create prototype parts for a supersonic car, which will attempt to break the 1000 mph speed barrier.

Manufacturing Day improves industry profile: survey

Manufacturing Day 2015 events across North American have helped to improve the perception of industry among the public, according to a Deloitte survey.

CWB Group partners with BC group to support welders

The CWB Group and the Immigrant Employment Council of British Colombia (IEC-BC) have partnered to support skilled welding professionals in Canada.

The hole story

by Mary Scianna

Indexable drills, boring heads support BC marine product manufacturer’s quest for productivity improvements and growth

Pumping Up Productivity

by Noelle Stapinsky

Advancements in waterjet pump technologies are improving pressure delivery 

Bombardier cuts cycle time by 81%

A tombstone application at Bombardier Aerospace's Witchita, KS, plant has helped the manufacturer rack up savings in set up time and reduce cycle times significantly.

Hypertherm launches contest for oldest system

Hypertherm is searching for oldest system in North America with its "I cut anything but corners" photo contest

New VP of NA sales at Mate Precision Tooling

Kevin Jordan has joined Mate Precision Tooling as vice president of North American sales.

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