Setting PrioritiesClick image to enlargeMike Brownhill, commercial accounts director at Export Development Canada (EDC), suggests a few key factors all manufacturers should take into consideration when planning for 2021.


Biggest issue
The break-even point of production. “Back in the 2008 recession, shops were only able to break even if they were running at 80 per cent of capacity. We are seeing that again, but across many industries.” He says companies might have excess costs in their structure and are struggling to remove it.

Customer Concentration
If your only work was supplying wing spars into the Boeing 737, you were probably really happy three years ago. Right now, you might be going out of business. “If you are overly-dependent on one industry segment or one buyer, the impact of another disruption could be more acute.”

Cash Flow
“We see companies trying to defer their payables and accelerate receivables, and EDC has seen a sharp pickup in demand for accounts receivable insurance so companies can borrow against their receivables even if they are being drawn out,” says Brownhill, who suggests communicating early, openly and honestly with your financial institutions. "It’s best to have those discussions early and get the ball rolling."

Unfortunately, opportunity may come at the expense of a company that didn’t make it through this, but coming out of an economic crisis there is often a chance to invest in depressed assets. If you can find these types of opportunities and acquire new equipment while also retaining your employees, it will boost your flexibility and drop your break-even point. Brownhill calls this “bolt-on” growth.

“There is opportunity, at least from my perspective in the manufacturing sector. Trends will ebb and flow, but there is always going to be industrial demand. If your company is in tune with the markets and you have the financial flexibility and resources to shift over the course of time, there is definitely growth coming out of this. If you are rigid and locked down in your structure, be it for operational considerations or capacity or financial availability, it might be tougher to grow out of this.” SMT

Five Axis Goes West

Just as five to seven axis multi-function lathes were once the new kid on the manufacturing block,

Cutting time to save money

The problem
Time-consuming set-ups on multiple machines for complex parts

The solution
Five axis turn/mill machine to reduce part set-ups and potential for errors

Manufacturing Insights

IMTS is North America’s premier manufacturing event

Ferro Technique expands sales team

Ferro Technique has expanded its sales force with the promotion of Roger Jeffries, sales manager, and the addition of Wayne Felker, regional sales representative.

Jet-through chuck with new sizes

Big Kaiser has expanded its jet-through hydraulic chuck line to include the BCV interface and additional inch sizes.

Joint machine tool open house draws crowds

The Joint Open House, an annual event organized by Canadian machine tool distributors, was once again, a big success among manufacturers drawn to the event to see the more than 60 CNC machine tools under power.

Welding Automation MetalTech Report: Robotic peripherals

Angle loader robot
The new Swift Arc AL, angle loader robot system is an economic configuration for a complete work cell that is ideal for job shops introducing robotics to their applications.

Tool holders for live turning

REGO-FIX USA has partnered with tooling system manufacturer WTO GmbH to develop a line of powRgrip holders for its QuickFlex quick-change driven toolholders for live turning systems.

Edge profiling technology

Hypertherm's True Bevel is a new edge profiling technology designed to help fabricators and CNC table manufacturers achieve accurate bevel cuts more easily than before.

Maintenance for engine drives

How to perform routine maintenance on most Lincoln Electric engine drives. Includes information on how to check oil levels and inspect air filters.

Showcasing the power of turn-mill machining

Manufacturers in Western Canada witnessed the benefits of turn-mill machining at seminars held recently in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

DMG MORI opens new tech centre in Canada

DMG MORI is celebrating its latest facility expansion with the grand opening of the DMG MORI Tech Centre in Mississauga, ON.

Pumping Up Productivity

by Noelle Stapinsky

Advancements in waterjet pump technologies are improving pressure delivery 

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