Mary SciannaClick image to enlargeSMEs are an important economic engine of growth for Canada. Indeed, of the nearly 12 million Canadians employed by the private sector in this country, close to 70 per cent work for SMEs. And just over half of that 70 per cent work in the goods producing sector. 


When you operate an SME, as many of you know, managing growth in a competitive market is critical to success. 

I have interviewed and spoken to many smart manufacturers who excel at this. As an independent business owner (in a partnership), I have watched, listened and learned from them.

Growth in business can come in many forms, from physical expansion of operations and employment to acquisitions and increased sales. 

Shop Metalworking Technology magazine debuted in 2012 amidst a competitive landscape. Now, as we enter our ninth year of publishing, we have expanded our operation with the appointment of a new editor for SHOP magazine. MICHAEL Ouellette has 20 years of editorial experience with manufacturing magazines in print and digital formats, including his first position as an editor of a metalworking magazine.

He will help bring a fresh perspective to the magazine and continue the tradition of creating high quality, relevant content for the Canadian manufacturing community.

I will continue to support him and the magazine in my role as editorial director and, along with the extended publishing team, we plan to build upon Shop Metalworking Technology’s success with more content and special events in 2020.

Information has never been more accessible or abundant, and filtering through content can be a challenging task. Shop’s role is to assist manufacturers by filtering information and providing an objective voice so businesses can make the right decisions to succeed.

The editorial team will continue to provide you with information in digital and print formats you can use to help manage the growth of your manufacturing operations.

We look forward to growing with you in 2020. SMT

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By Mary Scianna

There’s a saying that it takes a village to raise a child.

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