There are many options for automating you saw, from bar feeders to advanced robots.  Click image to enlargeby Mike Albrecht

Automation will maximize fabricating efficiencies and reduce operating costsThere is no denying the incredible impact technology has had on our lives over the past two decades -- it has changed the traditional workplace and reshaped business expectations.


Technology offers countless opportunities to maximize efficiency within your business operations, and therefore, save you time. And time is money, right? The ways you adopt and integrate technology can play a major role in business innovation and productivity improvement.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Adding automation, at any level, from basic bar feeders to advanced robots, can bring immediate benefits to manufacturers both large and small. It will increase production, decrease setup time, reduce operator error and fatigue, and eliminate excessive scrap.

From adding a simple automated material feeder or a programmable stop to a current machine or integrating a fully automated process, there are many options for incorporating automation into your shop. An easy way to add automation in your shop would be to start with how you measure–quit pulling the tape and automate with a programmable length controller. Or, take your semi-automatic saw to the next level by coupling it with a pusher/feeder system; which will give you the benefits of automation, but still leaves you the ability to manually miter. Turn your machine into a true production saw by adding an advanced feed system.

Circular cold saws are already amazing machines, but by adding a little automation to your current process you will see a big increase in efficiency and productivity while lowering overall cost of doing business. A productive workplace is a profitable one!

Eliminate operator error by programming your cut list. Get precise cuts no matter who is operating your machine.

Go fully automatic. If you are looking for a programmable sawing system that will maximize flexibility and improve accuracy you will want a fully automatic machine. With this technology you can sit back and watch it work for you or spend your time working on other tasks.

Automatic machines also improve safety conditions for operators because they are able to keep a safe distance away from the sawing operation. Full auto greatly increases production because it allows for unmanned operations, sometimes outside of the normal shifts.

Whether you are adding a little automation into your shop or going to a fully automatic process you can expect to see increased production, improved accuracy, while at the same time improving the safety of your operators.

Even with all of these benefits, it is important to note that automated systems can be expensive, compare these additional costs with overall cost reductions in the long run. SMT

Mike Albrecht is national sales manager at Scotchman Industries

Advancing science with waterjet cutting

Students of the engineering physics program at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, BC, are highly focused on advancing science through new, high-tech inventions, and are using an OMAX waterjet technology to fabricate the precision parts that bring student creations to life.

Knuth opens new demo facility

Knuth Machine Tools USA has opened its new showroom and demonstration facility that will showcase the three major cutting technologies it offers: laser, plasma and waterjet.

Pumping Up Productivity

by Noelle Stapinsky

Advancements in waterjet pump technologies are improving pressure delivery 

A thousandth 1000

The TRUMPF factory in Hettingen, Germany, recently produced its thousandths TruPunch 1000 punchining machine. Completed in December 2014, the machine was delivered to a customer in the US.

R&D Subsidies

by Mary Scianna

3D manufacturing good for environment: EOS, Airbus study

EOS of North America Inc., Nov, MI, and aerospace giant Airbus Group Innovations have partnered together in a study to illustrate the environmental and cost saving benefits of 3D printing in aerospace manufacturing.

TRUMPF invests in laser marking production

TRUMPF has expanded its laser marking production facility in Grusch, Switzerland, to meet growing worldwide demand for its marking lasers.

A Broader Base

by Andrew Brooks

Process diversification is one way to survive and thrive in a down market

New machining centre series

Quickmill has launched a new series of gantry style machining centres called the Annihilator Series. 

Plasma productivity in Alberta: A Solid Foundation

by Nestor Gula

Alberta screw piles manufacturer spurs growth with new tube and pipe cutting equipment

Job Shops Quebec - Consistent Growth

by Kip Hanson

Quebec job shop solves a big turning problem by switching to a different cutting tool provider

Balancing the Value Chain

by Michael Ouellette

Effective job estimation strategies

By Tim Wilson

Most companies set their cost targets based on what they’ve done already. There are two problems with this: first, it limits opportunity for improvement; and second, it doesn’t help much with new jobs. As the saying goes: if you look in the rear view mirror, you might drive off a cliff.

Bombardier Aerospace on a roll

Recent aircraft deals valued at close to $1.5 billion

Bombardier Aerospace has had a recent slate of good news that is helping to spur growth in Canada’s aerospace parts manufacturing sector.

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