kpmg covidcontinuityClick image to enlargeTax and managment consultant KPMG has released a guideline for maintaining business continuity throughout the continued lockdown and depressed business conditions stemming from the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Yes, normally we have a fun video in this section. While this is neither fun or a video, the key to managing your business through a crisis is to make key decisions when they need to be made, and to plan for the uncertainty ahead. 

Visit this link to download the white paper for free at KPMG's website:

You will also find information on mid to long-term planning, legal implications, tax implications as well as financial reporting and audit considerations on the KPMG site here:


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Wednesday, October 12 is a day that will stay with me for many years.

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By Mary Scianna

There’s a saying that it takes a village to raise a child.

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