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September 8, 2013

The MicroMax JetMachining Centre from OMAX is designed for ultra precision waterjet machining. It uses high precision 0.1 micron linear encoders, is equipped with vibration isolation of the table and gantries, and features a positioning accuracy of less than five microns.

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April 26, 2012

High efficiency pump

Bystronic says it’s ByJet Smart waterjet cutting system is economically priced to acquire and maintain, and the customer benefits from a low purchase price and from reduced operating costs. 

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August 26, 2012

Eco-friendly and budget-friendly, the 30 hp, 55 KSI (22 kw, 3800 bar) Jet Edge ECO-JET waterjet pump features an efficient direct drive pump design that consumes up to 40 per cent less electricity than a 50 hp (37kw) hydraulic intensifier pump, but produces the same output.

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Jet Edge mid rail gantry waterjet system runs up to 4 cutting heads

July 8, 2016

Jet Edge has introduced its latest generation of Mid Rail Gantry waterjet systems, which can run up to four cutting heads and cut virtually any material.

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April 9, 2013

Low cost, high performance
The ByJet Smart features a high efficiency pump and high precision cutting heads combined with abrasive metering and constant automatic nozzle height sensing to deliver high part precision and consumable efficiencies. 

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OMAX's expanded line includes this Maxiem 2080 JetMachining Center

December 16, 2014

OMAX has expanded its next generation Maxiem JetMachining abrasive waterjet cutting machines with the introduction of three larger sizes.

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Bahco Wavy Bandsaw Blade

April 8, 2018

The new Wavy Bandsaw Blade from Bahco is a customized blade designed and engineered specifically for tough cutting applications, including high nickel alloys, Rene-type materials and super alloys.

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Mate Precision Tooling webstore

August 1, 2018

Mate Precision Tooling has launched its new laser consumable products and press brake tooling webstore.

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April 7, 2013

RealWeld Trainer, the only in-situ welding training device designed to record and score welding technique while performing real arc-on welds, has been enhanced to allow for testing 18-in. (457 mm) weld joints.

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Wilson Tool launches new thick turret style tooling

July 27, 2017

Wilson Tool International has introduced iSeries, the company’s new line of thick turret tooling designed to be fully compatible with the Amada ID Tooling System (AITS™) tool management system.

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Wilson Tool EXP HPX tooling

December 11, 2016

Wilson Tool offers a standard holder with universal punches for high precision punching systems. Wilson Tool’s comprehensive EXP line is designed for thick turret, thin turret and multi-tools, and is now available to enhance the performance of Salvagnini punching systems.

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Wilson Tool tooling for Salvagnini punching systems

June 25, 2015

Wilson Tool International offers tooling for Salvagnini high-precision punching systems. The company manufactures a complete range of punches, dies and strippers, including standard and custom shapes.

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