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Magnetic filtration solves fine grinding swarf issue at Linamar plant

When driveline and engine component manufacturer Traxle, Guelph, ON, part of Linamar Industries, started to experience surface finish problems during a final valve sealing ring grinding operation, it turned to a magnetic filtration system, the Micromag MM5 supplied by Eclipse Tools North America, Stoney Creek, ON.


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The Micromag MM5 system

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Traxle uses a lapping machine to apply the final grinding operation to a valve sealing ring. Parts are manufacturer to precise tolerances. Before it installed the Micromag MM5 system, the company used barrier filter bags with a filtration capability of 20 microns. During grinding, very fine grinding swarf was passing through the paper filters and being recirculated, causing variations in surface finish which lead to product rejects. The coolant had to be changed regularly because of excessive ferrous contamination. Finer barrier filters were tested, but they became blocked very quickly, restricting the flow.

Traxle turned to the Micromag MM5. The filtration system has a low flow rate, and while it requires cleaning weekly, it has improved the consistency of surface finish and reduced reject rates, reports Traxle. Coolant lifespan has also increased because sub-micron ferrous particles are removed from the process. A new cleaning tool was also developed to aid in the cleaning process.

Eclipse Tools North America

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Titanium welding: Tips to succeed

Welding special metals requires skill and knowledge

by Brent Williams

Because of its exceptional corrosion resistance, titanium is frequently chosen by companies to help increase the service life of parts and reduce life-cycle costs.

DMG MORI opens new tech centre in Canada

DMG MORI is celebrating its latest facility expansion with the grand opening of the DMG MORI Tech Centre in Mississauga, ON.

Vibration-free machining

New machine has potential to increase milling productivity 100 per cent

by Ed Robertson

Rockford Engineering Associates LLC (REALLCo)’s mission is to provide unique solutions to complex manufacturing problems.

Medical Manufacturing Report: In Good Condition

by Noelle Stapinsky

A national focus on growing Canada’s medical technology manufacturing industry could mean big opportunities for supply chain demand

Tensile Testing: Fundamentals and Challenges

by James Clinton

Tensile testing determines suitability for use and a material’s performance over time

FIELD NOTES: G200 Turn-Mill Centre

product: G200 Turn-Mill Centre 
supplier: Index/Traub
end user: APN

Tool steel alloy maintains sharp edges

Select-SAIhas introduced an iron-based martensitic, high molybdenum, high speed, tool steel alloy the company says is an excellent choice for welding components required to maintain a sharp edge.

DMG MORI, Fuchs launch partnership for machine tool lubricants

DMG MORI and Fuchs have announced a technology partnership agreement and signed a collaboration contract to work together on innovative product developments for lubricants for machine tools.

Distributor gets Canadian exclusive for GF Machining Solutions

GF Machining Solutions has appointed Machine Tool Systems Inc. as its new exclusive Canadian distributor. The new deal takes effect July 16, 2016.

Hardness testing

The HM-200 series Micro Vickers hardness testing machines incorporate the latest optical systems for measuring identation dimensions and an electromagnetic test-force loading device.

Remember Fadal? It's Back

For those who have been in the industry for many years, they'll recognize the name Fadal, a machine tool builder of VMCs, that closed down its US manufacturing operations in 2008.

$49 M for Quebec car parts maker

Raufoss Canada, a subsidisary of Norwegian manufacturer Neuman Aluminum, is investing $49 million to retrofit and expand production at its Broisbriand, QC, plant.

Equator: Filling a measurement gap

Renishaw's innovative gauging system, the Equator, launched last year, fills a measurement gap between complex CMMs and fixed or dedicated gauges.

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