Heidenhain EIB 742 external interface boxClick image to enlargeHeidenhain now offers a new EIB 742 external interface box for position measurement. 

It is a network-capable measuring solution that removes the requirement of a PC interface card that is usually necessary when connecting measurement apparatus to an industrial PC or laptop.

The EIB 742 is ideal for inspection stations and multipoint inspection apparatuses under extreme vibration loads. A maximum of four encoders, either with sinusoidal incremental signals (1Vpp) or with EnDat interfaces (EnDat 2.1 and EnDat 2.1), can be connected to the EIB 742. The 24 V DC is supplied by an operator's external power supply via a screw-on connection. The EIB 742 is certified to UL 61010-1 and CSA 61010-1 standards.

This external interface box subdivides the periods of the incremental signals up to 4096-fold for measured-value generation. The integrated measured-value memory enables the EIB 742 to save up to 250,000 measured values per axis. Internal or external triggers can be used for axis-specific storage of the measured values.

A standard Ethernet interface using TCP/IP or UDP communication is standard for data output. This permits the direct connection to the PC or laptop. The type of measured-value transfer can be selected through the operating mode (transfer of individual values, block transfer, or transfer upon software request).

Driver software for Windows, Linux and LabVIEW is included in the items supplied in order to process the measured values on the PC. The driver software facilitates programming as well as includes programming examples demonstrating the performance range of the EIB 742.

Heidenhain Corp.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, two EIB 742 interface boxes fit next to each other within a standard 19-inch housing, occupying one height unit. Multiple boxes can also be daisy-chained in other configurations.

Through-coolant system for Swiss style machines

Rego-Fix has introduced a new addition to its line of reCool retrofittable coolant-through sytems, the reCool RCR/ERM which allows for the use of emulsion or pure oil coolants.

New Vertical Twin-Spindle Machining Centre

CHIRON has introduced its new vertical twin spindle five axis machining centre, DZ08 FX Precision+. 

New additive manufacturing guide

Additive manufacturing (AM) systems and software manufacturer and user Renishaw has launched a dedicated AM page on its website.

Module expands welding capabilities

Power Wave Advanced Module is a new waveform control from The Lincoln Electric Company. The module has alternating current (AC) welding capability to run aluminum processes.

Round inserts for exact indexing with chipbreakers

Tungaloy's FixRTurn is a series of round inserts and toolholders for turning operations that simplify exact indexing, according to the company.

Magnetic safety system added to press brake tooling line

The press brake tooling line of Mate Precision Tooling has been expanded with the addition of American Precision Style press brake tooling featuring the new Maglock Magnetic Safety System.

Fiber laser with Rotary Index

Amada has introduced the ENSIS 3015 RI fiber laser.

Arc welding robot with extra long reach

The MA3120 arc welding robot from Motoman features an extra-long reach arm that reduces the need for tracks.

Hypertherm introduces three new plasma systems

Hypertherm has introduced three new air plasma systems called Powermax SYNC.

Complete line of metrology fixtures for CMMs

Renishaw has launched a new line of modular metrology fixtures for use on CMMs, Equator gauging systems and multi-sensor inspection systems.

Weldable rust preventative fluid

Lincoln Electric’s RP6 Weldable Rust Preventative Fluid, a new, innovative oil-based fluid, provides up to six months of indoor corrosion protection by preventing rust on ferrous metals, while not adversely impacting the welding process, claims the company.

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by Mary Scianna

Manufacturers gearing up for growth

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a renaissance.

All in one fabricator’s kit

Hougen Manufacturing has released the HMD2MT Fabricator’s Kit, a new portable magnetic drill kit.

New fiber laser from MC Machinery

MC Machinery’s fiber laser offering has expanded to include another option in laser cutting technology. 

FABTECH 2014: Automated robotic bending cell

Exhibitor: Amada America Booth: B-2503

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