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AccuteX EDM
5 axis Wire EDM
AccuteX EDM, a Division of Absolute Machine Tools, has introduced its new “SP-300iA” five axis CNC wire EDM, featuring “Microsparking Technology,” the MST-II function that provides exceptional part finishes.

Aerospace and medical industries in particular have demands for low recast and fine finishes. 

The X, Y, Z working range is 13.8 in. x 9.8 in. x 8.7 in. (350 x 248 x 221 mm) U and V axes are both 3.15 in. (80 mm). The U-V axis mechanism is placed in a cabinet above the working area, assuring optimal rigidity and protection from humidity and physical damage. The axes are driven by means of closed-loop AC servo motors with 0.000004 in. resolution and controlled by a linear glass scale feedback system. The SP-300iA also incorporates the latest generation ball-retainer type guideways which reduce 90 per cent of friction variation compared to conventional guideways. 

The workpiece mounting table is made of hardened stainless steel, offers easy accessibility and is designed as a standard clamping system, which reduces setup time. The table can also accommodate most commercial fixturing systems. All the operations relating to wire handling have been simplified. The machine is equipped with an annealing, fully automatic wire threading system with a tip disposal unit. AccuteX’s patent-pending servo-controlled wire threading technology, together with multi-detectors, makes it fast and reliable.

Auto wire changer
GF AgieCharmilles’ Automatic Wire Changer technology is now available on its Cut 2000 and Cut 3000 EDM machines.

The optional Automatic Wire Changer allows operators to switch between different wire diameter sizes and types, optimizing roughing and finishing operations and reducing production costs.

The EDM machines employ universal wire guide systems, enabling them to accommodate wires from 0.01 in. (0.30 mm) down to 0.002 in. (0.05 mm) for micro-machining and super-precision applications. The automatic wire thread and re-thread capabilities facilitate unmanned, lights-out production, and the Vision 5 numerical control allows for quick, easy organization and management of multiple unattended jobs.

The Cut 2000 machine has X, Y and Z axis travels of 13.8 in. (350 mm) x 9.8 in. (250 mm) x 10.1 in. (256 mm) respectively. It can accommodate submerged workpieces weighing up to 440 lb (200 kg) and unsubmerged workpieces up to 992 lb (451 kg). The machine also achieves taper cuts of +/- 30° over 3.93 in. (100 mm) in height.

The larger Cut 3000 machine has X, Y and Z axis of 19.7 in. (500 mm) x 13.8 in. (350 mm) x 10.1 in. (256 mm) respectively. It can accommodate submerged workpieces weighing up to 880 lb (400 kg) and unsubmerged workpieces up to 1,763 lb (801 kg). The machine also achieves taper cuts of +/- 30° over 3.93 in. (100 mm) in height.

Cylindrical drive technology
The MV series is a new line of wire EDMs from MC Machinery Systems Inc., featuring non-contact cylindrical drive technology, an improved power supply, auto-threading, and deeper submerged-wire threading capabilities.

The new cylindrical drive technology uses a linear shaft motor. Other EDMs built on a linear system are a flat-plate design, which limits the effective magnetic flux to only half of its potential, claims the company. Mitsubishi’s round magnetic shaft creates a non-contact design using the full 360° of magnetic flux. 

The MV Series is built with a one-piece T-shaped base casting, the X and Y axis ways and drives are directly mounted, providing a highly rigid and thermally stable platform, driving the table and column independently.  

A new servo control system uses a fiber-optic drive system with four times the communication speed for improved reaction time and accuracy. The Digital Matrix Sensor and V350 type-V generator specifically shapes the pulse to minimize electrode wear and decrease wire vibration, decreasing wire consumption while maintaining quality and straightness of the cut. Tests show up to a 60 per cent reduction in wire consumption and 40 per cent lower operating costs. 

A redesigned auto-threader delivers improved threading capabilities, with upper rollers that travel with the Z axis, creating a constant distance to the upper guide, allowing for nearly 14 in. of annealed wire length, reducing the wire curl ratio, and improving threading reliability on tall parts and submerged rethreading through the gap in case of a wire break.

Cutting up to 31.5 in. (800 mm)
The new wire EDM development from ONA for very thick applications combines a high performance stable cut totally submerged, along with 31.5 mm of the Z axis travel. All ONA modular wire EDMs have the ability of automatic threading up to the full maximum height of the 31.5 in. (800 mm) in the Z axis.

With the redesign of the generator, it’s now possible to transfer the high speed cutting standard to large machines. 

All the ONA AF Modular models include the high power ONA EasyCut digital generator, designed and sized to reach the highest possible EDM cutting speeds (41.8 in.2/hr with Ø 0.013 in. wire and 34.4 in.2/hr with Ø 0.010 in. wire), providing 100 per cent electrolytic corrosion-free cuts and without reducing cutting speed. 

The numeric controls ONA-W64 and ONA-S64, used in ONA’s wire and die sinking EDM machines, now include the volumetric compensation feature.

With this new development and innovation, ONA now offers the largest Z capacity in the world as a standard option on its modular wire EDMs, claims the company. 

ONA also offers the largest wire EDM capacity in the world on the ONA AF130, with travels up to 78.7 in. (2000 mm) in the X axis, 51.2 in. (1300 mm) the Y axis and 31.5 in. (800 mm) in the Z axis. 

Tall workpiece capacity
The AG600LH wire EDM from Sodick has X, Y, Z travels of 23.7 in. (602 mm) x 15.8 in. (401 mm) x 20 in. (508 mm). It is designed for large part manufacturers to enable tall workpiece capacity with the new 20 in. (508 mm) Z height.

The machine comes standard with a 10-Year Positioning Guarantee and features linear motors on the X, Y, U and V axes. Linear motors allow a wire EDM to machine at maximum speeds with no backlash or lost motion. 

The machine also incorporates glass scale feedback, Super Jet Annealing High Speed AWT, ceramic components, and an energy saving circuit, allowing for up to 60 per cent less energy use over conventional EDMs.

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