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2000 mm turning length
The CTX beta 2000 has a 2000 mm turning length in the Z axis direction and a maximum turning diameter of 600 mm.

Travel path in the X axis is 415 mm and the optional Y axis travel is +/- 75 mm. Bar capacity is 93 mm with an optional 102 mm capacity for machining of large diameter bar materials. The main spindle features a maximum torque of 770 Nm for speeds up to 4000 rpm. A 12-pocket VD150 turret is part of the machine, with additional six block tool pockets; a 16-pocket VDI40 is an option, as is a low-wear DirectDrive technology.


VTL in left, right versions
The FVT-600 is available in left and right side versions allowing automation to be stationed between lathes.

It features a turret with a 12 position ATC, an X axis travel of 12 in. (305 mm) and a 25.6 in. (650 mm) Z axis travel. Spindle speeds range from 50 to 2,000 rpm on a 15 in. (381 mm) standard chuck size (options include 18 in./457.2 mm), 21 in. (533.4 mm) or 24 in. (609.6 mm). It provides a high metal removal rate of 24 m/min. It has a maximum turning diameter of 23.6 in. (600 mm) and a maximum turning length of 25.6 in. (650 mm). Maximum workpiece weight is 2,205 lb (1,000 kg). 


Compact Y axis turning
The ST-20 series Y axis turning centre has 4 in. (102 mm) of Y axis travel (+/- 2 in. /51 mm) from the centreline for off-centre milling, drilling and tapping. 

The machine is available in standard (maximum cutting capacity of 12 x 21 in./305 x 533 mm ) and “Super Speed” (maximum cutting capacity of 10 x 21 in./254 x 533 mm). Both machines have a maximum wing of 31.75 in. (806 mm) over the front apron, with a 20.75 in. (527 mm) swing over the cross slide.


Multi-function lathe
The Chevalier multi-function FCL-1860 CNC lathe, from Heinman Machinery, is equipped with a frequency drive or servo drive. So spindle speeds and feedrates are infinitely variable.Spindle speeds automatically adjust to varying diameters keeping constant surface speed. Parts can be turned more efficiently by using manual, teach or CNC modes, or by combining them. 


Small footprint turning
The Hi-Tech 450 turning centre features a 500 mm turning diameter and a turning length of 1340 mm. Available options include chuck sizes of 10, 12 and 15, a through-hole diameter of up to 132 mm and other options such as Y axis machining. 

A spindle with integral motor offers a low speed of 800 rpm and maximum speed of 3,500 rpm with a rapid feed rate of 20/24 m/min (X/Z). Turret indexing time to adjacent tools is only 0.25 sec. Turret capacity is 12 tools.


Hyundai WIA
Big bore turning
The L800A big bore heavy duty CNC turning centre has a 12.5 in. (318 mm) through-hole capacity for machining large cylindrical parts. A dual chuck design, one on each end of the spindle, offers workpiece support. Standard capacities are a 41.3 in. (1,049 mm) swing over the bend, a 32.3 in. (820 mm) swing over the carriage, a maximum turning diameter of 36.2 in. (919 mm), a maximum turning length of 65 in. (1,651 mm) and a 12.58 in. (320 mm) spindle bar capacity. It features a built-in tailstock with a 1,580 mm travel.


Turning shaft workpieces
The Slant-Turn Nexus 600M is equipped with a headstock with a 14.75 in. (375 mm) diameter bore mounted on a 60 hp, 500 rpm turning spindle that generates up to 5,162 ft-lb. of torque for heavy duty cutting. 

The machine has a 12-position drum turret for rapid tool indexing. It also features a 10 hp, 4000 rpm milling spindle for roughing, grooving, end milling and face milling operations.


Mori Seiki
Integrated Y axis
The NLX2500Y/700 is a universal turning centre with a maximum turning diameter of 366 mm, turning length of up to 750 mm and travel paths of 260 and 795 in the X and Z directions. The machine has a 4000 rpm main spindle and can be equipped with a counter spindle and integrated Y axis. 

Bar loading can be machined at 80 mm diameters for traverse paths in the X and X axes. The tool turret has space for 10 or 12 tools.



Multi-tasking turning centre
The WY-250L multi-tasking centre has two high rigidity turrets, each with a Y axis of 3.93 in. (100 mm). X and Z axis speeds are 1,181 ipm (30 m/min) and 1,574 ipm (40 m/ming) respectively. Designed with a long 47.24 in. (1,200 mm) distance between spindles, the machine is designed for multiple tools in the cut simultaneously. It features a 60° slant bed, a maximum turning diameter of 8.86 in. (225 mm), a maximum turning length of 35.65 in. (905.5 mm) and a bar capacity of 2.5 in. (65 mm).


Multi-tasking lathe
The Multus B200-II completes turning and milling in one operation. Options include the W version with a sub spindle. It includes the THINC-OSP P300 control, Machining Navi L-g, full five axis with high accuracy “c” Super NURBS, tool centre point control, inverse time feed and Blum gauging. It features a maximu turning diameter of 23.63 in. (600 mm) and rapid traverse rates in, X, Y and Z of 40/26 m/min (1,575/1,024 ipm).


Horizontal CNC lathes
The ETC-h series horizontal lathes can process various shaft-shaped and disc-shaped workpieces. The flexible machine is offered in multiple configurations and can be equipped with auto load/unload for more productive machining. The rigid machines feature a large torque, an enclosed 45° slant saddle design and ball screws and linear guideways for improved machining accuracy.

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