Titan Tool Supply expands precision micro finishing tool offerings

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Titan Tool Supply, Inc. is expanding its precision micro finishing tool online product catalog offerings.  With this expansion, more than 100 unique products are now available for immediate customer order and shipment via

Among the additions are new models of the company’s Carbide Micro Grinding Mandrels for optimized precision micro machining accuracy and performance. Carbide Micro Grinding Mandrels are compatible for use with Tungsten Carbide, fiberglass, stone, marble, ferrite, composites, non-ferrous metals, industrial ceramics, rubber, reinforced plastics, glass, and other hard abrasive materials. Offered in both Diamond and Borazon Jig types, the grinding mandrels are further available with a choice of either 500/600 or 325/400 grit, as well as either a 0.016”, 0.020”, or 0.02” head size. Diamond Jig Grinding Mandrels are also available with a choice of either 80/100 coarse or 200/240 fine grit. Borazon Jig Grinding Mandrels are offered with choices of 60/80 coarse, 100/120 medium, or 230/270 fine grit. They are typically specified for the precision micro finishing of materials such as dies and die buttons, specialty punches, drill bushings, and cutting tools, as well as stainless steel, exotic super alloys, cast iron, Beryllium copper, and Stellite parts.

Titan Tool Supply has also recently expanded its Borazon Pin offerings, in support of the precision micro finishing of high-carbon; high-chrome; high-speed steels, such as M2, M3, M4, M7, T1 and T15; and D2, D3, D7 and A & O series die steels. Various super alloys, which otherwise may be regarded as “difficult”, typically also favorably respond to Borazon Pins.

In addition, the company has expanded its available range of Composite Diamond Flex Files. Featuring a non-steel blank construction, the lightweight design of Composite Diamond Flex Files incorporates a specialty composite material for added durability and flexibility. A specialty “Dot Matrix” plating on the Flex File further allows for the easy removal of filed materials, as needed to achieve a superior surface finish. Titan Tool Supply has also recently expanded its Super Flex Diamond File offerings. Super Flex Diamond Files offer high strength within a low profile, long, and flexible package. The files are recommended for use with extrusion dies or aircraft components, or any other precision micro finishing application that is otherwise characterized by narrow or hard-to-reach areas, or where conventional micro finishing techniques may otherwise be difficult to achieve, due to a lack of accessibility.

Of these recent additions, Titan Tool Supply company president, Frank D. Menza, notes, “We are pleased to be expanding our online offerings for our precision micro finishing tools. By stocking these additional models, standard sizes, and grits, we hope to provide our many valued worldwide customers with greater accessibility to our products, while also continuing to keep their overall costs down.”

Since 1952, Titan Tool Supply, which is based in Buffalo, NY, has supplied more than 5,700 customers in 50 countries with its full range of industrial-grade optical instrumentation and precision micro finishing tools.

For more information about Titan Tool Supply and its offerings, visit

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