Threadmaking MetalTech report: September

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Thread milling for oil, gas
An expanded thread milling program for oil and gas manufacturing applications includes a new line of solid carbide thread mills and insert thread milling systems.

The new cutting tools feature a left hand spiral flute design, increased flute count and core diameter, and a multi-layered TiALN-T46 coating. Thread mills are available with internal coolant capability for UNC, 8UN and 12UNF thread forms. The thread mills are capable of machining multiple thread sizes with one tool.

Thread milling
The Rapid Thread Milling System enables production of precision threads on CNC milling machines and machining centres using helical interpolation programs. The inserts can be used for internal or external threads. They avoid chip jamming and eliminate the problem of removing broken taps from holes. Thread forms are ISO, UN, NPT, NPTE, BSPT and W.

Threading alloy, stainless steel
IC1007 is a new PVD coated grade for threading alloy and stainless steel. Manufactured with a hard sub-micron substrate, it offers high deformation resistance with a PVD coating and special post coating treatment, providing improved flaking and chipping resistance, claims Iscar. The polished surface prevents built-up edges and offers improved chip flow.

Taps for wind energy
The HSS-E-PM (powder metal) Beyond taps are designed for large-diameter tapping applications for wind turbine components such as hubs, rings and gearbox housings. The taps are available  in sizes from M24 to M42 and are designed for conventional non-rigid and CNC-synchronous tapping machines.

Thread milling hard steels
The JEL MGF XH Micro makes it possible to mill micro-sized threads into already hardened components, eliminating the need for complex re-machining operations caused by hardening distortion.

It is also equipped with a 45° rear chamfer, completing both tasks in one single operation. It is available in the common nominal diameters of M1, M1.4, M1.6, M2, M2.2 and M 2.5, in a 1.5xD length to diameter ratio. The tool is part of a complete line of high precision solid carbide thread milling and taping tools offered by the Komet Group under the JEL brand.

Variable helix tap for stainless
The EXOPRO-CC-SUS spiral tap series is designed for all types of stainless steel, as well as carbon steel and alloy steel. The premium tap is made from vanadium high speed steel and features a variable lead flute design with advanced chip control (CC) to enable stable chip evacuation. Available in a variety of sizes (Inch: No. 2 to 1 in.; metric: M2 to M24). 

Acme single profile thread milling cutters
SCT offers a complete line of solid carbide Acme and Stub Acme single profile thread milling cutters for internal and external threads. Available in thread sizes starting at 1/4-16 and going up to 1.250 to 4. The cutters are available in uncoated and TiALN coated micro grain carbide. Long and standard length versions are available from stock. SCT claims the cutters provide advantages over tapping when cutting deep acme threads including reduced horsepower requirements and better surface finish.        

All-in-one drilling, chamfering, threading
The all-in-one capability of the Drilling Threadmaster (DTM) reduces hole processing time by drilling, chamfering and threading holes in one fast operation, says Seco.

The DTM’s tip drills holes, so no extra depth is required. DTM is available for applications in cast iron and aluminum. Threads range from M4 up to M16 with both UNC/UNF and Witworth profiles.

Cermet grade inserts
The NS9530 cermet grade insert product line delivers fracture resistance, enhanced tool life and superior surface finishes, claims Tungaloy.

The new NS9530 grade incorporates Tungaloy’s ‘PremiumTec’ special surface technology that reduces micro roughness on the surface to support improved tool life and surface finish. The inserts are created for threading or grooving at low to medium cutting speeds.

ISO, Unified, Whitworth and pipe taper threads can be machined. Several kinds of pitches can be applied for each kind of thread. The new grades are available over the majority of Tungaloy’s range of grooving and threading.

Tap for high strength steel
The Prototype Paradur Short Chip HT blind hole tap is designed to increase process reliability and quality when tapping long chipping high tensile strength steels, claims Walter. It features a 15° helix angle for easy chip removal even in deep (3.5 diameter) and protected threads. It reduces to a 9° helix angle, which, combined with a ground rake in the chamfer, ensures the creation of short chips. Axial internal cooling rinses the chips out of the hole through the spiral flutes. 

Powder-metal taps
The new HSS-E taps feature a proprietary powder-metal HSS-E substrate that the company says contains higher than standard levels of cobalt content for greater resistance and improved tool life. Choices include 15° a left-hand helix for pushing chips ahead in tapping through-holes or a 45° right-hand helix for retracting chips from blind holes. Manufactured to ANSI and DIN standards, the h6 shanks allow the taps to perform well in conventional tap holders with square drive or precision round toolholders.

Spiral flute/spiral point combo
The Combo spiral flute/spiral point multi-function tap features a patented tap design that the company says reduces tap breakage and ensures accurate thread depth. The design helps to eliminate loose threads due to tap overfeeding, and eliminates “birds nests” around the tap shank.

 The tap can be used for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper and aluminum. The taps are available in diameter tap sizes from M3 to M24 and #4 to one inch.

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