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DMG: Simultaneous five axis machinig

The new DMU eVo combines the performance potential of a universal milling machine and that of a vertical machining centre, making it suitable for five-sided machining and five axis positioning as well as five axis simultaneous contour machining in one setup.

Key to the new machining centre is the unique design. The arrangement of the X and Y axis in which the short distance of the guides ensures high and constant stability across the whole work area. This structural form reduces space requirements and improves the lateral accessibility of the work area.

 All models have linear drives that enable rapid traverses up to 80 m/min and acceleration values of 10 m/s². Other fundamental features include optimum table kinematics for five axis milling, excellent accessibility as well as fast axes. The series are also equipped with easy automation capabilities with pallet changer or robot systems, with which even larger batch sizes can be efficiently processed.

The DMU 40 eVo linear and the DMU 100 eVo linear round off the range of the eVo series for larger or smaller scale applications. The traverse paths for the smallest model are 400/400/375 mm, for the largest model 1000/900/700 mm, so that the customer has the right machine for each application. The work area of the NC swivel-mounted rotary table measures 450 mm × 400 mm or 950 mm × 800 mm, while the table of the DMU 40 eVo linear accepts workpieces weighing a maximum of 200 kg and the DMU 100 eVo linear can handle workpieces up to to 1,000 kg.

The pallet changer is capable of short changeover times and is integrated into the work area, which remains freely accessible. The big advantage of this solution is the minimum footprint of 8.2 m².

In addition to optional linear drives, other optional features include a finely graded range of high-tech spindles from 10,000 rpm to 42,000 rpm and tool magazines for 30, 60 or 120 tools in SK40/HSK63 design which can be configured to suit your requirements as well as the option to integrate a milling/turning table to be able to mill and turn in just one setup.

On the control side, the DMG ERGOline control with a 19 in. screen and 3D software rounds off the diversity of features. Programming is performed either with the SIEMENS 840D solutionline with ShopMill or the Heidenhain iTNC530. Both control solutions promise optimal performance in day-to-day production and noticeably increase total productivity of the eVo machines. DMG Canada


Doosan Infracore: Rigidity for tough machining

With travels of 1,000.8 mm x 800.1 mm x 800.1 mm (39.4 in. x 31.5 in. x 31.5 in.), powerful drives and a high torque spindle motor, Doosan’s HM 6300 horizontal machining centre produces popular-sized parts from hard-to-cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and does so quickly and to exacting tolerances.

The HM 6300 is rigidly built to withstand heavy and interrupted cuts while delivering high speeds and exceptional accuracy. Heavily ribbed Meehanite castings dampen vibration and help dissipate heat. High torque servos, coupled directly to the ball screws, eliminate gears, thereby eliminating backlash and servo drag. Pretensioning the X and Z axes ball screws provides superior positioning repeatability, while widely spaced box guideways establish a sturdy foundation along all axes.

Heavy duty, 50 taper spindles are powered by 25 hp motors generating 6,000 rpm and 1,680 ft-lb torque. A stepped-sleeve bearing permits precise adjustment, and eliminates assembly damage common to lock-nut systems. A Big Plus tooling system creates contact between the machine spindle face and the toolholder flange face, as well as along the machine spindle taper and toolholder taper shank. This imparts greater rigidity for higher precision and extended tool life.

The ATC is separated from the machine to prevent vibration or similar factors that might otherwise compromise accuracy. Tools are selected by the fixed address method to prevent collision when using large-sized tools. A bi-directional, shortest path procedure keeps tool-to-tool times at a quick 2.5 seconds. 

Precision is further enhanced through a combination of coolant chiller systems and cooling jackets along the ball screw shaft and ball screw nuts.  Blasts of air clears removes chips during pallet changes, and a linear feedback system along the X, Y, and Z axes provides closed loop feedback for maximum machining accuracy.

The HM 6300 is equipped with a rotary shuttle APC. Features include high reliability and wide working areas for easy setup. The table indexes in 1° increments (0.001°optional). 

The 629.9 mm x 629.9 mm (24.8 in. x 24.8 in.) table supports a workpiece load of 1,200 kg (2645 lb). Pallet change time is 25 seconds and 90° indexing takes just 3.7 seconds. A variety of multi-pallet and linear pallet systems are available.

The HM 6300-31iA5 is one of five sizes of HM models, the largest of which features a 1,244 mm (49 in.) square pallet with a load capacity of 2,994 kg (6,600 lb.). Doosan Infracore


First: VMC with 10,000 rpm BT40 spindle

The First MCV-1100 vertical machining centre from Long Chang Machinery Co. Ltd. distributed in Canada by Heinman Machinery Ltd., is a sturdy machine with Meehanite cast iron for all major machine parts. The machine features a rigid direct drive 10,000 rpm BT40 spindle unit, which offers high accuracy, claims the company. A fully enclosed splashguard meets current safety requirements.

Ball screws are preloaded and driven by servo motors, eliminating backlash between bearings and ball screws and offering excellent feeding accuracy. All axes have C3 grade ball screws. X, Y and Z axis travels are 1100 mm (43.3 in.), 600 mm (23.6 in.) and 560 mm (22.0 in.) respectively. The machine is equipped with a working surface of 1300 mm x 600 mm (51.1 in. x 23.6 in.) and a maximum table load of 1100 kg (2420 lb).

Standard components include an arm type high speed ATC (24 tools), an automatic lubrication system, a chip flush system, a coolant system and coolant tank, and a chip collector. The control is the Fanuc 21iMB.

There are several models of this line of VMC for small part machine to large part machining on double column machines. Stock models include MCV-300, MCV-1000, MCV-1100, V-43MD and V-2000. Heinman Machinery


GF AgieCharmilles: 1G acceleration for fast processing

Designed for the production of tools, moulds and high quality parts, the GF AgieCharmilles Mikron HPM 800U HD five axis High Performance Machining Centre features High Dynamics (HD) technology that delivers 1G machine acceleration rates for fast precision part processing and significantly reducing non-cut time.

GF AgieCharmilles pairs the HD technology D with a Step-Tec 20,000-rpm HSK-A63 in-line spindle. It generates 84 Nm (63.7 ft-lb) of torque at 4,450 rpm for high metal removal rates, while also providing the fast spindle speeds necessary for producing superior part surface finishes. The spindle is also fitted with oil-lubricated ceramic hybrid bearings and is vector-controlled, enabling thread cutting without the use of a compensating chuck. A fast 30-tool automatic tool changer keeps the spindle supplied with tools and further reduces non-cut times; tool changer capacities are available up to 120 position

As a gantry portal-type design machine, the HPM 800U HD incorporates direct drives in the rotating and swiveling axes of its table, which securely clamps for precise workpiece positioning. The machine’s design also provides a large work envelope and ample unrestricted workpiece access, even with the fully automated pallet version of the machine that can be equipped with a 2,7,9, or 12-pallet changer.

For maximum maneuverability around various part sizes and shapes, the HPM 800U HD provides 800 mm (31.5 in.) of travel in the X and Y axes, as well as 550 mm (21.6 in.) of clearance between its table surface and spindle nose in the Z axis. The machine’s table surface measures 800 mm x 599 mm (31.5 in. x 23.6 in.) and accommodates five axis workpieces weighing as much as 500 kg (1,250 lb). GF AgieCharmilles


Haas: New spindles for VMCs

Haas Automation has increased the speed and performance of the standard spindle on its expansive line of 40-taper VMCs, and introduced several new optional spindles for 2012.

All Haas VF-1 through VF-12 40-taper VMCs are now equipped with a powerful 8,100 rpm inline direct-drive spindle that is driven by a 30-horsepower vector drive system. The Haas inline system couples the spindle directly to the motor to reduce heat, increase power transmission, and provide excellent surface finishes, claims Haas. An optional 10,000 rpm inline direct-drive spindle is available for shops wanting higher spindle speeds. Both spindles yield 90 ft-lb of cutting torque.

For shops needing additional low speed torque and wanting the flexibility of a gearbox, two optional gear drive spindles are also available for standard Haas 40-taper VMCs. The optional spindles provide either 8,100 rpm or 10,000 rpm, and feature a Haas-built, high precision two speed gearbox. Both geared spindles yield 250 ft-lb of torque. Haas CNC


Hardinge: VMC with Okuma control

Hardinge Inc.’s newest version of the Bridgeport GX?1000 40 in. x 21 in. vertical machining centre is designed with the Okuma OSP?P200 Control, drives, motors and encoders.

Rick Simons, president and CEO of Hardinge Inc., says “the addition of the Okuma control option for our GX 1000 machine enhances the product offerings for our distribution partners. We will also continue to offer the Bridgeport line with the Fanuc I Series control to serve our diversified customer base.”

With a combined total of over 40,000 OSP controlled Okuma machine tools installed, Hardinge’s new distribution network will now be able to serve a broader base of customers with a consistent message of the advantages of OSP controls.

“Combining the Hardinge GX?1000 vertical machining centre with Okuma’s world open architecture control system will enable customers seeking a value priced VMC to enjoy the productivity benefits of the latest CNC control technology,” says Lee Morris, chairman and CEO of Morris Group Inc. “Okuma has been manufacturing CNC controls, drives and motors since 1961 and the OSP?P200 has awesome performance and reliability.”

The OSP?P200 is a true open architecture Windows based CNC control enabling a user to take advantage of industry standard and off?the?shelf plug and play devices by using the onboard Ethernet or USB slots, and because of its open architecture almost any software application can be installed. In addition to 3rd party software, data and communications between the machine and control are easy to exploit with the documented API set which comes at no additional cost to customers. Users frequently integrate OSP controlled machines with enterprise manufacturing information systems. The OSP control comes standard with a 15 in. LCD touch screen, 512MB of RAM, a 40 GB hard drive and runs the Windows operating system.

The offering of the OSP control on the GX?1000 has another big advantage for service and support requirements. With the machine and the electronics both being supported by the distributor, customers have the advantage of a single source supplier. When a service technician is dispatched, their knowledge on the entire machine becomes invaluable in saving time and expense, says Hardinge. Hardinge


MAG: HMC for big part machining

MAG’s modular HMC 1250/1600 series is engineered for high precision, high productivity machining of large aerospace, power generation, pump, valve, and off-road equipment parts. It now includes eight spindle options to suit special-purpose or general machining requirements. The new 6,000 and 8,000 rpm/46-kW (61.6-hp) tilt-spindles with +90/-120° A axis travel joins an all-around 10,000 rpm/ 46-kW (62-hp) spindle, high speed 24,000 rpm spindle, high torque 2600 Nm/80 kW (1918 ft lb) spindle and two live spindles (110 or 130 mm diameter). The high torque spindle is suited for hard metal cutting, while the live spindles extend W axis reach by up to 800 mm (31.5 in.), enabling deep cavity milling to high precision with shorter, more rigid tools. Standard on the live spindle, MAG’s exclusive Z axis thermal compensation software dynamically offsets spindle growth to maintain tight tolerances.

Designed for extreme application flexibility, the HMC 1250/1600 offers maximum 3000 mm (118 in.) work zone swing, and 15,000 kg (33,000 lb) pallet load capacity. Major machine components, including the X bed, Z bed and column, are cast ductile iron, with pallets up to 1,600 mm x 2,000 mm, headstock and rotary table housings of gray cast iron. Modular design provides a range of machine travels, 60 to 300 tool magazines and two control choices.

Powerful and agile, the new five axis HMC offers 56 to 100 kW (75 to 133 hp) spindle power, 35 kN (7870 lb) Z axis thrust, and super rigid, full contouring hydrostatic rotary table. The 360,000-position contouring table provides a rigid work platform, while a rugged worm gear drive with clamp securely holds axis position. Rotary table positioning accuracy is 10 arc seconds, repeatable to five arc seconds. Positioning accuracy of the tilt-spindle is four arc seconds, repeatable to two arc seconds.

The HMC Series comes standard with linear scale feedback in X, Y and Z axes, providing 8 micron (0.0003 in.) positioning accuracy and 5 micron (0.0002 in) repeatability. Heavy-duty hardened and ground roller guide ways enable a rapid traverse rate of up to 40 m/min (1575 ipm) with high acc/dec rates, double the load capacity and nearly 10 times the wear life of ball-type ways. MAG IAS


Matsuura: Flexible multiple setups

As with all Matsuura five axis products, the MAM72-100H horizontal machining centre, available in Canada from Elliott Matsuura, is designed to function best with flexible multiple setups, process a wide array of materials in a multitude of industries, and offer users advanced, proven and extended unmanned operation. Process integration and high precision complex “one hit” operation are standard.

The machine offers a larger working envelope and processing capacity. Designed utilizing FEM analysis for maximum rigidity, the MAM72-100H offers a stable machining platform when compared to machines in its capacity class range, claims the company. Equipped with a high torque spindle (451 Nm: standard, 700 Nm: optional), the machine offers a dynamic and robust solution for machining hard-to-cut materials, such as titanium or Inconel, materials that are being used more frequently in the aerospace industry.

The large capacity trunion type table configuration is equipped with direct drive technology for A and C axes. The machine comes standard with a two-pallet configuration and multi-pallet systems optional.

Other features include Matsuura’s real time collision avoidance protection software, Intelligent Protection System (IPS) and another process control program – Intelligent Process Control (IPC) for tool strategy efficiency and part accuracy. Elliott Matsuura Canada


Mazak: Machining for lean manufacturing

Mazak’s Vertical Center Nexus-Compact is available in three and five axis versions and was developed in response to the medical industry’s growing demand for lean manufacturing through small, high 5speed machines that offer absolute precision when creating unique, high-quality parts for patients. 

The machine gets its power and versatility from a robust, high torque 20 hp, 12,000-rpm CAT 40 spindle and axis travels of 500.1 mm (19.69 in.) in X, 400 mm (15.75 in.) in Y, and 330 mm (12.99 in.) in Z. The machine delivers the aggressive performance required for tough materials, such as stainless steel, Inconel and titanium, used in medical and other manufacturing applications. Optional 40 hp, 20,000-rpm CAT 40 and 40 hp 30,000-rpm HSK-F63 spindles are also available.

With a 1,651 mm x 2,235 mm (65 in. x 88 in.) compact footprint, the machine fits into most facilities. Its table measures 650.2 mm x 398.7 mm (25.6 in. x 15.7 in.) and accommodates parts up to 330 kg (661 lb). The machine’s three linear axes attain high speed rapid traverse rates of 36 m/min (1,417 ipm) and fast feedrates of 8 m/min (315 ipm). Additionally, accommodates 20 tools in its tool magazine (30 tools optional), further increasing part production versatility. Mazak’s user-friendly Matrix Nexus control on the three axis model and Matrix 2 CNC control on the five axis model make part programming simple and fast.         

Among the features is Mazak’s MX Hybrid Roller Guide System which increases vibration dampening to extend tool life, handles higher load capacities, accelerates and decelerates faster to shorten cycle times, consumes less oil for “greener” operations, and lasts longer with less required maintenance. Mazak Canada


Mori Seiki: Compact machining centre

Mori Seiki Co.’s MillTap 700 is a compact machining centre designed with a smaller footer and shorter width than competitive models in the market, claims the company. Its footprint is 10 per cent smaller and its width is 30 per cent smaller compared to other similar machines on the market..

The machine features a high speed tool changer with chip-to-chip times of 1.5 seconds. There is also a special feature: the complete drive of the magazine – it takes 15 or an optional 25 tools – is integrated into the spindle head. Key features are the response of up to 1.6 G in the linear axes as well as fast axis movements up to 60 m/min, which significantly increases productivity.

A triangular bed design and the static cover of the X axis improve chip flow and enable parallel disposal of the chips. Users can either position the cooling system on the machine from the front or back.

While a compact machine, the work area is 700 mm in the X axis and 420 mm in the Y axis (with a Z path of 380 mm) and is designed for easy access to the workpiece. The sturdy machining table and the wide distances between the linear guideways enable the machining of workpieces up to 400 kg.

On the spindle side, the MillTap 700 is equipped with a high torque 10,000 min-1 spindle, with an optional high speed spindle with 24,000 min-1.

The 25 kW spindle drive is more than double the spindle output compared to the conventional model TV-300. A symmetrical spindle head ensures extreme rigidity and high thermal stability. A C-frame design and robost castings also contribute to the machine’s rigidity.

The Siemens 840D solutionline with Sinamics 120 compact inverter and 10 in. monitor ensures simple and efficient programming. The system guarantees highly dynamic contour accuracy and efficient program sequences. The machine can also be equipped with the Progressline, which displays the remaining time and quantity of a complete machining order.

The energy efficient machine features a CNC control combined with efficient drive technology, to ensure an energy consumption that is up to 30 per cent less than that of similar competitive machines in the market, claims the company. Mori Seiki


Nakamura-Tome: Dual 24 tool ATC magazine

The Super NTMX from Nakamura-Tome, available in Canada from Elliott Matsuura, is the world’s first system to offer dual 24-tool ATC magazines, a unique design to simplify complex multitasking machining, says the company. Full five axis milling capability via a Fanuc 31iA5 Control provides high precision and accuracy for manufacturing complex contoured components, including medical, aerospace and more, in large or small volume production.

The nine-axis twin spindle multi-tasking turning centre features a 12-station lower turret for turning and milling as an option. It is equipped with a 12,000 rpm tool spindle, but can be equipped with a 20,000 rpm as an option. Bar capacity options include 51 mm and 65 mm. Elliott Matsuura Canada


CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: Feeler Machining Centres

Machine dependability, service keeps manufacturer coming back

M&T Machining Ltd., Ottawa, ON, has survived two economic recessions. Ted Hudson, vice president, thinks it has a lot to do with the company’s growth strategy from the get go.

“We’ve been in business for 13 years and when the first recession hit back in the early 1990s, we had been in business for only one year. We knew even then that diversification was key to growing our business. We machine stainless, steels, plastics and aluminum and service a wide variety of markets.”

The job shop’s 12,000 sq ft plant is a hub of activity with 17 operators overseeing 10 machining centres, five turning centres and two CNC saws. While M&T has different machine tools in its shop, the majority of its machines are Feeler machines. Six of the machining centres are Feelers, including two new ones purchased four months ago from Methods Machine Tools Inc. through Legere Industrial – the VMP-580 and the VMP-800 vertical machining centres. M&T’s plant is set up to facilitate prototype manufacture, small batch production, and full large-scale production runs.

Hudson says he likes the Feeler VMP series because they’re dependable.

“We started out with a Feeler machining centre and we were able to get parts and good service readily from our local Ottawa dealer, Legere Industrial. The machines have Fanuc controls and they’re easy to control. We’ve tried other brands, some more expensive, but they didn’t give us anything more than what we had, so we came back to Feeler because we like how they operate. The machines are durable and run consistently, which is important for us because we run them 18 hours a day, five days a week on two shifts.”

The VMP-Series includes the VMP-580, VMP-800 and VMP-1100 models with 10,000 rpm spindles ranging from 15 hp to 25 hp.  The VMP-580 and VMP-800 machines are also available in an APC pallet changer version. Machines feature linear guideways on X and Y axes and boxways on the Z axis.  X axis travels range from 580 mm to 1,100 mm (23 in. to 43 in.), Y axis travels range from 420 mm to 610 mm (16.5 in. to 24 in.) and Z axis travels are from 510 mm to 600 mm (20 in. to 23.6 in.).   The VMP-580 features a 24-tool automatic tool changer and the VMP-800 and VMP-1100 use a 30-tool automatic tool changer. A Fanuc 0i-MD control is standard on the VMP-Series machines.

Other lines in the Feeler vertical machining centre family include the HV and VB series. The HV models feature 1G x axis acceleration and 1.9 second tool change time in 800 mm or 1,000 mm X axis travels. The VB machines are designed with X axis travels from 900 mm to 2,200 mm (35 in. to 87 in.), Y axis travel range from 610 mm to 1,000 mm ( 24 in. to 39 in.) and Z axis travels are 600 mm to 800 mm (24 in. to 31.5 in.)

Hudson adds that part of the appeal of the Feeler machines is the improved ergonomics.

“The new Feeler machines, which feature extensive design engineering from Methods Machine Tools, have greatly improved the ergonomics. It’s small things such as the wash down nozzle and air nozzles all built into the machine as standard, whereas in the past these were options. Also, it’s easier to load and unload the machine because you don’t have to reach in as far to get to the part.”

Feeler machines are manufactured by Fair Friend Group and sold exclusively in North America by Methods Machine Tools.


Okuma: High speed power in a small footprint

The Okuma MB-H Series of CNC horizontal machining centres provides a unique combination of high speed and power in a small footprint and delivers high productivity without compromising accuracy, claims the company. Utilizing a high speed spindle and fast APC and ATC, the machines reduce non-cutting time as well. Built on the innovative Thermo-Friendly Concept that employs a thermal deformation compensation system, the machines are able to predict and counter thermal deformation, improving accuracy.

High speed production is achieved through:

  • Stepped column ways providing excellent feed rates and a rapid traverse of 60 m/min while maintaining an ultra rigid machining platform;
  • 1G acceleration;
  • Speedy two-pallet automatic rotary pallet changer;
  • 15,000 rpm spindle (on the MB-4000H and MB-5000H);
  • Optional expandable tool matrix allows for quick tool changes using 81 to 285 tools.

Unparalleled accuracy is delivered through:

  • Okuma’s Thermal Active Stabilizer System – TAS;
  • High-precision indexing table;
  • Highly rigid 3-point supported bed.

Available in three sizes (MB-4000H, MB-5000H, and MB-8000H), the MB-H series features the operator-friendly THINC-OSP control, a true PC, Windows-based platform with open architecture, plug and play USB capability and 40GB of memory allowing easy connectivity of complementary and peripheral equipment. Okuma Corp.


TOS Varnsdorf: Universal machining for up to 24,992 kg

The WHN-13 CNC from TOS Varnsdorf is a universal machine tool designed for precise milling, coordinate boring, and further range of operations to machine sophisticated workpieces up to 24,992 kg (55,100 lb).

The machine is considered one of the company’s most successful with more than 300 in operation in North America. The machine has been redesigned for 2012.

To meet specific requirements for extremely short delivery, TOS Trade imports the WHN-13 horizontal boring mills featuring the most requested type versions to North America on regular basis. However even custom build machines can be produced and delivered in a reasonablly short lead, claims the company.

The machine features an automatic tool changer with a 60-tool magazine, and a rotary table with a backlash-free contouring B axis. It also has thermal compensation for spindle expansion and a cool-through spindle. An electronic remote panel is designed with a handwheel.

X axis travel is 3,500 mm, 4,000 mm, 5000 mm and 6000 mm (137 in., 157 in., 197 in. and 236 in.) Y axis travel is 2000 mm, 2,500 mm and 3,000 mm (79 in, 98 in. and 118 in.). Z axis travel is 1,250 mm, 1,600 mm and 2,000 mm (49 in., 63 in. and 79 in.) Tos Trade


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