Rego-Fix tooling solutions at SOUTHTEC

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Rego-Fix has announced that it will exhibit a range of tooling solutions at SOUTHTEC, including its powRgrip (PG) tool holding system.

Rego-Fix will also showcase several other tooling innovations during the event. Those innovations include the company’s expanding line of precision metrology products and recent additions to the powRgrip family. Among the additions are the new PG48 along with MQL, CoolBore and grinding PG collets.

The company’s PG 48 tool setting concept expands the PG line to 1.5″ (38.1 mm) tools and includes a groundbreaking new tool setting unit that extends the capabilities of the company’s clamping units.

Current PG tool setting units – including the PGU 9500 and the enhanced new PGU 9800 (pictured above) – use up to nine tons of clamping pressure to secure a tool in less than 10 seconds. To handle larger tools, the all-new PG 48 will rely on specially made PGU machine that can use up to 16 tons of pressure.

Like all Rego-FixPG tool setting technologies, the new PG 48 tool setter will use neither heat nor hydraulics, so tools will be ready for use immediately after the clamping cycle concludes. The Rego-Fix clamping methodology avoids the limitations and tool-life compromises of other systems.

Rego-Fix minimum quantity lubrication PG-MQL collets apply a light spray of an air and oil mixture directly to cutting zones. This spray not only lubricates cutting tools to extend their working lives, but it also minimizes coolant use to reduce costs and effectively evacuates chips to prevent scrap and ensure quality part surface finishes.

For the highest gripping force of any Rego-Fix coolant collets, form-fit PG CoolBore Collets (PG-CB) deliver high-pressure peripheral coolant for optimized chip removal in medium to high-performance applications. These collets change out quickly with other powRgrip coolant collets and provide maximum coolant output pressure for PG 25 (including short collets) and PG 32.

For various grinding applications, Rego-Fixnow offers its PG ER collets for clamping grinding pins. The line of collets ensures runout of less than three microns at 3xD and provides exceptional vibration damping for superior surface finishes.

To add Rego-Fix precision to setup measurements, ergonomic 3D-EdgeMaster centering devices shorten setup time and ensure part accuracy in an IP 67-compliant shockproof and splashproof design for demanding applications. Designed to set zero points, probe reference edges and workpieces, calibrate measuring paths, center machine axes and determine bore centers, these new devices feature repeating accuracy of ≤0.01 mm. 3D-EdgeMaster is available in metric and inch sizes and with short or long probes, all individually serial numbered, with fully traceable inspection and performance certification for demanding industries.

Shops can minimize spindle-damage risks and maximize process reliability with MasterBar test arbors, available with HSK, steep-taper ST, BT and CAT interfaces for correct machine tool setup and spindle precision with every use. Ground to the same exacting specifications as Rego-Fix toolholding products and supplied with full technical certification, these devices check spindle runout, spindle and arbor alignment, and arbor length to boost part quality, reduce scrap and recheck for changes in runout and parallelism after a crash.

SOUTHTEC takes place October 24-26 at the Greenville Convention Center in Greenville, SC. Rego-Fix will be in booth 416.


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