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 +/-200 mm Y axis stroke
The CTX gamma 1250 TC offers complete machining with turning and milling.

TC stands for the integrated disk magazine for 36 tools with quick tool changers (120 tools is optional). It is equipped with a B axis milling spindle for five axis simultaneous machining. It features a maximum machining diameter of 630 mm and turning length of 1,250 mm; there’s an expansion option of a turning-milling spindle for turning lengths up to 1,160 mm and a counter spindle. It has a Y axis stroke of +/-200 mm and linear drives in the X, Y and Z axes. The milling/turning spindle has rotating speeds up to 12,000 rpm or an optional 18,000 rpm.



Twin-spindle design
The LM1600/1800TT twin spindle multi-tasking turning centres feature upper and lower turrets and Y and C axes to process complex parts in volume production runs. Facing twin spindles reduce idle time and a BMT-type turret provides more accuracy and power, claims the company. The series is built with a 45° slant bed and axes are driven by double-nut ballscrews. Rapid traverse rates are 20/20 m/min for X1/X2, 40/40 m/min for Z1/Z2 and 7.5 m/min for Y axis. It features a Y axis travel of +/- 50 mm (100 mm/3.94 in. total) and right and left spindles 6,000 rpm on the LM1600TT and 5,000 rpm on the LM1800TT.



Five axis turning/milling
The R300 turning/milling centre features two independent five axis sub-systems, each with one motorized milling spindle and one assigned work spindle to machine complex parts, short bars up to 102 mm and chucking up to 315 mm diameter, simultaneously. The machine is capable of hobbing or deep hole drilling with single-lip tools and high pressure coolant to 80 bar to the tool edge. Grinding with a grinding point or an external grinding wheel up to 150 mm are options. The machine can accommodate up to 140 tools in the double chain magazine; chip-to-chip tool change times are in the 6 sec range. It also has 12 stationary tools on both milling spindles for a total of 152 tools. It features a B axis swivel range of 270° and rapid traverse rate of 45 m/min.



Multi-step spindle design
The Mycentre-HX800iL is designed with a multi-step energy efficient spindle that the company claims provides savings of 40 and 50 per cent in kilowatt hours. The horizontal machining centre weighs 68,000 lb (31,000 kg) and has a work envelope diameter of 59.1 x 59.1 in. (1,500 x 1,500 mm), a pallet size of 31.50 x 31.50 in. (800 x  800 mm), and X, Y and Z axis strokes of 55 x 49.21 x 52.16 in. (1,400 x 1,249 x 1,324 mm). It has a clamping force of 30,710 lb (14,000 kg) and a table load capacity of 3,300 lb (1,500 kg) for machining of larger workpieces and complex fixturing. Machining accuracies are +/- 0.000079 in. (0.002 mm) full stroke and repeatability of +/-0.000039 in. (0.001 mm). Feedrates are 1969 ipm (50.012 mm/min).



Aerospace grinding
The G7 i grinder five axis horizontal machining centre offers grinding, drilling and milling of aerospace parts on a single machining platform. It employs a 12,000 rpm HSK-63A spindle capable of handling tough-to-cut materials, such as inconel. The machine provides X, Y and Z axis travels of 690 by 650 by 730 mm, respectively, accommodating workpieces with a maximum diameter of 535 mm. This ability enables machining of parts one size larger than the G5, such as super-heat-resistant jet engine parts, curvic couplings and vanes (NGV). C axis and B axis rotation of 270° offer full access to three dimensional parts for single-setup production capabilities. 



Dual turning and milling spindles
The Integrex i-100ST multi-tasking machining centre uses two turning spindles, a milling spindle and a lower turret for processing first and second operations simultaneously or sequential operations on a single workpiece. It also offers full simultaneous five axis machining. The turning spindles use a 15 hp (11 kW) integral motor with maximum spindle speeds of 6,000 rpm. For C axis contouring, the main spindle indexes in 0.0001° increments and the second spindle provides increments of 0.001°.

The machine has a 10 hp (7 kW), 12,000 rpm milling spindle mounted in the rotating B axis with a range of 240° in 0.0001° indexing increments. B axis scale feedback is standard. The 36-tool magazine accommodates tools up to 5.1 in. (130 mm) in diameter when neighbouring stations are empty and up to 3.5 in. (89 mm) in diameter when stations are occupied.


Mori Seiki

Six-sided complete machining
The NTX2000/SZM is a new machine in the NTX series that offers simultaneous five axis milling and six-sided finishing. It is equipped with a main spindle and NC-controlled pivoting counter-spindle, a milling head at the top with a pivoting B axis and torque drive  in Mori Seiki’s Direct Drive Motor (DDM) technology, and an optional turret with 10 tools. It offers a manifold tool option for the magazine with 76 tools. Maximum turning diameter and turning lengths are up to 1,540 mm. Main and counter spindle speeds are up to 5,000 rpm and 12,000 rpm on the milling spindle in the B axis. Chip-to-chip time is under seven minutes.



Multi-tasking lathe
The Multus B200II CNC lathe completes milling and turning operations without changing the part. Options include Machining-Navi L-g, full five axis capability with C axis, Super NURBS, TCPC (tool centre point control), and inverse time feed. The machine is equipped with Collision Avoidance System software powered by Okuma’s THINC-OSP P300 control, allowing the machining process to be simulated and prevent potential collisions before they damage the machine. The machine is built on Okuma’s Thermo-Friendly Concept, for high accuracy.



Fast tool changes
The new Nakamura NTJ-100 multi-tasking centre has a large tool capacity with up to 54 tool stations for turning and 24 tool stations for milling tools. It has two turrets, each with a Y axis–3.5 in. (80 mm) on the upper and 2.6 in. (65 mm) on the lower, facilitating pinch turn and pinch mill operations. It also has an upper turret swiveling B axis with a range of 182°. It has a maximum turning diameter of 6.9 in. (175 mm), a maximum turning length of 26.7 in. (678 mm) and a standard 1.6 in. (42 mm)/maximum 2.6 in. (65 mm) bar capacity. 

X axis and Z axis speeds are 787 ipm (20 m/min) and 1,574 ipm (40 m/min) respectively. It is designed with a minimum 7.9 in. (200 mm) and maximum 35.8 in. (910 mm) distance between spindles to eliminate any interference of tooling during multitasking. CAMplete TruePath Turn/Mill software is standard.



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