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Linear encoders
Fagor Automation has developed a line of Precision Absolute Linear Encoders for most CNC applications.

The absolute measurement system is a direct digital measure of machine position. It is fast, accurate and eliminates the need to home the machine. The position value is available from the moment the machine is turned on and may be requested by the CNC at any time. The positioning errors originating from machine mechanics are minimized as the encoder is directly mounted to the machine surface and the guide ways. The encoder sends the real machine movement data to the CNC, minimizing mechanical errors due to thermal behavior, pitch error compensation and machine backlash. 

Fagor utilizes two measuring methods: graduated glass (linear encoders with a measuring length of up to 3040 mm use optical transmission) and graduated steel (linear encoders with a measuring length over 3040 mm use the auto image principle by means of diffuse light reflected on the graduated steel tape).

Nikon Metrology
Non-destructive crack evaluation
Non-destructive crack evaluation is essential for quality control and ultimate failure analysis. The NEXIV-3020 handles a variety of measurement tasks, including those for mechanical parts, moulded parts, stamped parts and various other work pieces. It features an eight-segment LED illumination system and through-the-lens laser auto-focus, allowing for ultra-accurate detection of measurement points. It is ideal for use with damaged parts that can be cut out for remote examination then mounted and analyzed under high resolution magnification using digital microscopy and the software associated with this mode of analysis.

Digital optical comparators
VisionX Inc.’s new 300 series VisionGauge digital optical comparators (patent pending) are cost effective, desktop measurement systems ideal for smaller parts up to 1.7 in. x 1.2 in. (43.18 mm x 30.48 mm). The comparators have an extended depth-of-field to accommodate tall parts. A long working distance between the part and the lens provides ample clearance and room to work.

The 300 Series have all of the functionality of the 500 Series VisionGauge digital optical comparator including CAD Auto-Align and CAD Auto Pass/Fail tools. The Auto-Align tool aligns CAD data to the part in less than two seconds producing repeatable and accurate results that are operator-independent.

3D inspection software
Centerline, Windsor ON,supplies the automotive, mass transit, aerospace and defense industries with a complete range of metal joining and forming products and services ranging from consumable electrode products to complete custom automated production systems.

Metrologic Group in Wixom, MI, supplies 3D inspection software solutions, and designs and manufactures dimensional control systems. This software and dedicated electronics facilitate retrofits and overall performance enhancement of any digital measuring systems, including optical systems. 

Five years ago when Centerline selected Metrologic to retrofit one of its CMM machines and connect it with Metrolog XG software, not only was the company upgrading the capabilities of one of its machines, but it also entered the world of flexible metrology that would facilitate its future technical needs and support its growth. Since that time, Centerline has added portable inspection devices to its fleet of quality inspection devices in addition to its CMM machines. Centerline has also been able to take advantage of the versatility and flexibility of Metrolog, on which engineers had already been trained, to realize the benefits of seamless implementation of new processes. As well, the successful implementation of Metrolog has enabled Centerline to be properly equipped to tackle point cloud and optical solutions that flexible modern manufacturing dictates.

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