Machining workpieces up to 1,000 mm

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The new versatile Variaxis i-800 machining centre is designed with full, simultaneous five axis capabilities.

The high accuracy machine performs multiple and complex curved surface machining on large, heavy workpieces in single setups.

The machine falls within Mazak’s Done-In-One concept as it incorporates all processes from raw material input through final machining in just one machine. As such, it reduces production lead times, improves machining accuracy and lowers operating expenses. Furthermore, it can tackle a wide range of applications, from heavy duty cutting to high speed cutting of aluminum and other nonferrous materials.

With a Y axis travel of 33.46 in. (850 mm) and X axis of 28.74 in. (730 mm), the machining centre easily accommodates workpieces measuring up to 39.37 in. (1,000 mm) in diameter and 19.69 in. (500 mm) high. Its roller gear cam-driven rotary/tilt table, with 360° of rotation in the C axis and +30° through -120° of tilt in the A axis, is supported at both ends and provides stable high-accuracy machining. 

The machine comes standard with a fast, high rigidity 10,000 rpm, 40 hp, 50 taper spindle with a compact nose design that helps increase the machine’s Z axis stroke to 22.05 in. (560 mm) and overall machining stability by allowing for the use of shorter tools. An optional 18,000 rpm spindle is also available.

A reliable cam-driver tool changer enables the VARIAXIS i-800 to meet the machining requirements of a wide variety of workpieces thanks to its tool magazine capacities, ranging from the standard 30 tools up to the maximum of 120 tools.

Speed and increased productivity are gained through the fast 1,654 ipm (42m/min) rapid traverse rates of the machine’s X, Y and Z axes, as well as from its use of Mazak’s MX Hybrid Roller Guide System in those axes. The MX Hybrid Roller Guide System delivers levels of durability and reliability that result in long-term accuracy. This innovative way system increases vibration dampening, extends tool life, handles higher load capacities and eliminates tramp oil in the coolant by utilizing a greener grease-based lubrication system.

The machine features Mazak’s new Matrix 2 CNC control. Within the control are both enhanced hardware and software functionalities that make the control easy to use while also delivering high accuracy and increased productivity. Control hardware performance is much faster with higher processing speeds for small increment operation. Furthermore, a 5-axis spline interpolation function included in the control’s software provides smooth toolpaths from long block-by-block programs, easy tool vector control and shorter cycle times as well as superior surface finishes.

As part of Mazak’s Five Levels of Multi-Tasking, the Variaxis i-800 is a Level 4 machine because it provides full simultaneous five axis capability. Mazak’s Five Levels of Multi-Tasking allow manufacturers to match machine capabilities to part processing requirements. Machine features and functionalities within the other four levels range from Level 1 with single spindle and rotating tool capabilities and Level 2 with Y axis off-centre machining to Level 3 machines featuring independent milling spindle headstocks with B-axis indexing, as well as full Y axis travels and tool storage, and Level 5 Ultra-Tasking machines with additional specialized machining functions and multi-tasking automation.

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