Machining centres metaltech report: Feb 2014

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CTX beta 2000 TC turn-mill
supplier: DMG Mori


  • turn-mill complete machining of components with diameters up to 550 mm and turning lengths of 2 m
  • 300 mm Y axis travel
  • B axis with turning-milling spindle on travelling column with 750 mm distances between guideways
  • turning-milling spindle up to 18,000 rpm with NC-controlled DirectDrive B axis

HC 400 HMCHC 400 HMC
supplier: Doosan Infracore

  • horizontal machining centre with a Meehanite cast iron bed, large linear roller guideway and inline 30/35 hp 10,000 rpm spindle as standard features
  • equipped with an automatic pallet changer with twin tapped pallets, each measuring 400 by 400 mm (15.7 x 15.7 in.) that can handle a maximum load of 400 kg (882 lb)
  • axis travels are 600 mm (23.62 in.) in X, 560 mm (22.05 in.) in Y and 565 mm (22.24 in.) in Z; maximum cutting feedrate is 1,9990 mm/min (787 ipm), with a rapid traverse up to 3,9980 mm/min (1574 ipm)
  • features a 60-pocket cam-type swing-arm automatic tool changer that provides tool changes in 1.5 seconds tool-to-tool and 4 seconds chip-to-chip

Fanuc D21 RoboDrill VMCFanuc D21 RoboDrill VMC
supplier: Methods Machine Tool

  • new Fanuc 31i|B5 control with FSSB high speed processing
  • available in four variations short bed, medium bed; long bed; and a long bed with a dual pallet changer
  • 14 or 12-tool, tool changer, 73 ft-lb torque, 5,000 rpm (8,000 rpm option)
  • 1.5 g accelerations in X, Y and Z axes


UMC 750 universal machining centreUMC 750 universal machining centre
supplier: Haas

  • designed for five sided (3+2) and simultaneous five axis machining
  • 40 taper vertical machining centre with 762 x 559 x 508 mm (30 x 22 x 20 in.) travels and an integrated dual axis trunnion table
  • 630 x 500 mm trunnion table provides +110 and -35° of tilt and 360° of rotation for tool clearance and large part capacity
  • equipped with an 8100 rpm inline direct drive spindle with an optional 12,000 rpm spindle

VMX30Ui five axis machining centre VMX30Ui five axis machining centre
supplier: Hurco

  • five axis vertical machining
  • X, Y, Z axis travels of 30 in. (762 mm), 20 in. (508 mm) and 20.5 in. (520 mm) respectively
  • 40-tool ATC
  • no CAM system for control technology; five-sided part machining programmed at the control with conversational programming

 Value Master F650VMValue Master F650VM
supplier: Hyundai WIA

  • X, Y and Z axis travels of 51.2 in. (1300 mm), 26.4 in. (671 mm) and 25 in. (635 mm) respectively
  • 25 hp, 10,000 rpm machine
  • 30-tool swing arm
  • tool changer
  • rapid traverse: 1,418 ipm (36 m/min) in X and Y axis and 1,182 ipm (30 m/min) in Z axis
  • Thru Spindle Coolant, Big Plus Spindle, Rigid Tapping, a Fanuc i-Series CNC control as standard features

 Kao Ming KMC-3000SVKao Ming KMC-3000SV
supplier: Heinman Machinery

  • 850 mm (33.5 in.) Z axis for taller parts
  • X, Y and Z axes supported by boxways
  • Y axis design has a lower slideway offset by 70 mm (2.76 in.) forward from the upper slideway
  • 85 mm (3.35 in.) distance from spindle centre to Z axis slideway
  • helical and spur gear ranges support the spindle transmission system for machining large cavities at low rpms

T1 5 Axis HMC T1 5 Axis HMC
supplier: Makino

  • five axis horizontal machining centre for job shop production environments
  • large prismatic or cylindrical workpieces
  • 45° to -110° A axis tilting spindle when coupled with a deep chest column design allows a -90° spindle centreline positioning to 550 mm (21.6 in.) beyond the pallet centre
  • workpieces 1 m (3.2 ft) square by 500 to 800 mm (19.6 to 31.4 in.) high can be machined in a single five-sided machining process
  • X, Y and Z axis travels are 1,500 mm (59.1 in.), 1,300 mm (51.2 in.) and 2,000 mm (78.7 in.) respectively


 MX-520 5X VMCMX-520 5X VMC
supplier: Matsuura

  • five axis vertical machining centre
  • X, Y, Z axis travels of 630 mm x 560 mm x 510 mm (24.80 in. x 22.04 in. x 20.97 in.)
  • workpieces up to 520 mm in diameter and 350 mm in height
  • rapid traverse rate in X, Y, Z of 40 m/min (1,574.80 ipm) and spindle speed of 12,000 rpm with optional 20,000 rpm (BT40).
  • 360°C axis travel
  • collision avoidance (Intelligent Protection System), MIMS (Matsuura Intelligent Mesiter System) and CAMplete TruPath G-code editing

 Vertical Center Nexus Compact 5X VCNVertical Center Nexus Compact 5X VMC
supplier: Mazak Corp.

  • vertical machining centre offered as part of a self-contained, prefabricated automated cell with stand-alone robot and palletizer system for processing up to 72 workpieces
  • handles workpiece sizes 755 mm wide by 75 mm deep by 75 mm tall (3.9 in. x 3.9 in. x 3.9 in.) weighing up to 4 kg (8.8 lb)
  • 12,000 rpm, 25 hp CAT 40 spindle (40 hp 20,000 rpm or 42,000 rpm HSK E40 spindles are options)
  • 36 m/min (1,417 ipm) traverse rate and 8 m/min (315 ipm) feedrates
  • rotary/tilt table rotates and tilts at speeds of 100 rpm and 75 rpm respectively, and tilts at angles from -20° to 120°

 LG Start double column machining centreLG Stark double column machining centre
supplier: Natex Machinery Group

  • designed for larger parts requiring heavy cutting and high speed machining
  • equipped with a Swiss-made linear rail system for better machining efficiency in mould and die making
  • available in sizes from 3.2 m to 6.2 m in X axis and 2.3 m to 2.6 m in Y axis with 1 m on the Z axis.
  • machine available with Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Heidenhain and Siemens controls, gear head and direct drive spindles

 MU-1000H 5X HMCMU-1000H 5X HMC
supplier: Okuma

  • five axis horizontal machining centre with large trunnion table with one meter square pallet
  • maximum workpiece weight capacity of 2,494 kg (5,500 lb) and workpiece size capacity of 1,500 mm (59.05 in.) diameter by 1,125 mm (44.29 in.) high
  • equipped with the THINC-OSP P200MA control
  • optional Okuma’s Collision Avoidance System (CAS)


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