Holemaking MetalTech Report – The Macro on micro holes

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Better chip breaking
Emuge Corp. has developed a tap with superb chip-breaking capabilities designed for machining applications in the energy and related industries.

The new Rekord DZBF series taps feature technology that eliminates the formation of long continuous chips that commonly occur when tapping carbon steels, alloy steels, and austenitic stainless steels. 

The taps are designed with a new cutting face geometry and spiral flute form, which combine to affect chip flow, chip curl and chip length. The chip breaking technology (Emuge CBTz) produces short, broken, controllable chip formations that eliminate flute clogging and potential failure of the machine tap due to chipped cutting teeth or breakage. The technology contributes to higher reliability of the threading process, eliminates machine down time required to clean chips, improves tool life, produces a better surface finish and increases operator safety.

Made of premium cobalt high speed steel and ground with eccentrically relieved threads with full pitch diameter relief, the Rekord DZBF series with Emuge CBTz technology provide greater tool life and machining efficiency than conventional taps. The tap is surface-treated with TIN to reduce friction between the tap and workpiece, which results in improved thread finishes and increased tool life in carbon and alloy steels, cast and forged steels, tool and die steels and 300 stainless steel up to 35 HRC.  

The taps are ground with an increased pitch diameter, designated 2BX, which optimizes the gauge tolerance for a 2B class-of-fit to add an additional wear allowance for improved tool life. The taps are also made with Emuge’s trademark long shanks, DIN length for extra reach, improved chip evacuation, cooling and lubrication.

The new taps can be used in horizontal and vertical machining applications, which saves tooling changeover time and eliminates the need to stock two lines of taps in the tool crib. A modified bottom chamfer is ideally suited for blind holes. The taps range in inch sizes from ½ in. to 2 in. 

Drills with cylindrical shanks
Iscar has expanded its line of SumoCham CN drills. The new drills feature a 12D depth to diameter ratio with a diameter range of 12 to 25.9 mm.

Cylindrical shanks enable clamping of the drill in hydraulic toolholders (most recommended) or in spring collets. All drill bodies feature helical coolant holes. 

Prior to using the 12xD drill, it is recommended to drill a pre-hole by using a DCN 1.5x D drill or a centering drill. 

These drills can be used in clad plates. They are commonly used in the heat exchanger and other industries.

The drills are available in a small diameter range of 7 to 7.9 mm and a 1.5/3/5xD depth to diameter ratio.

The drills have features similar to the ChamDrill and ChamDrillJet, with improved head and pocket design, together with no setup time, fast metal removal and economical indexing.The SumoCham comprises a clamping that improves productivity output rates, while enabling more insert indexes. The drill flutes are designed with twisted nozzles and exhibit a durable constructed body.

Sandvik Coromant
Fast carbide drill
CoroDrill 860 is the latest drilling tool development from Sandvik Coromant. The company claims it is the fastest solid carbide drill on the market for steel drilling. 

The drill top offers higher performance for conventional drilling, chamfered holes, inclined surfaces, cross holes, stack drilling and convex/concave surfaces. With excellent chip evacuation control, when using high cutting data in long and short chipping materials, the drill provides consistently problem-free drilling at high penetration rates. 

The unique geometry combined with the new flute shape provides a cutting edge shape for effective clearance of the chip, even at increased penetration rates. Low cutting forces give you fewer problems with weak fixturing, thin walled components and loads on the cutting edge. The drill comes in lengths 3-8xD as standard.          

Square inserts for better stability
Seco has introduced DP3000, a new Duratomic grade that provides a balance of heat resistance, wear resistance and strength that makes it ideal for holemaking in a wide variety of materials. Developed for use with Perfomax indexable drills, the grade’s properties allow it to provide reliable, cost-effective and productive performance, even in challenging situations, such as angled entrances and interrupted cuts.

Available in all Perfomax insert geometries and sizes, DP3000 increases tool life and allows for the use of more aggressive cutting data. The grade’s balance of toughness and strength originate from concentrating its cobalt content near the surface of the substrate, coupled with a Duratomic coating comprised of titanium carbon nitride (TiCN) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3).

All Perfomax drills feature strong square inserts and offer high stability. Their low friction coating and unique chip flute design optimizes chip removal rates to boost productivity and process reliability. The tools’ versatility helps to reduce inventory and production costs.

Seco’s proprietary Duratomic process involves manipulating elements at an atomic level to create a harder, tougher and smoother insert surface for improved productivity, surface finish, tool life and overall cutting capability. In addition to increasing the physical durability of the insert, Duratomic technology also provides superior thermal control to maximize process stability.

Large diameter drills
Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. has expanded its drilling selection with the WDX series large diameter drills. Designed to provide customers with optimum drilling solutions, the WDX series is comprised of diameters ranging from 0.5625 in. – 2.625 in. (14.28 mm – 66.67 mm) in 2xD, 3xD and 4xD drill body lengths.

Sumitomo offers a wide selection of WDX large diameters for stable drilling. All WDX diameters come with a four-cornered indexable insert design to provide a cost effective drilling solution and easy tool management. The series uses two inserts per drill, regardless of diameter size.

Sutton Tools

Holemaking in stainless steel
Sutton Tools new VA range of carbide drills provide the best solution for reliable production of high volume hole making in stainless steel, claims the company.

Achieving accurate holes with long tool life is due to the low wear, thrust and stable cutting action. The drills feature a 30º Helix geometry with special optimized flute core and ‘S’ type point gash. A special design of internal coolant supply ensures sufficient coolant supply to the cutting edges.

Helica: wear at the main cutting edge and margin is markedly reduced in comparison with conventional coatings. The outstanding oxidation resistance and hot hardness of the coating also contribute greatly to stability at the severely loaded cutting edge corners, while the improved toughness of the multilayer structure significantly reduces the tendency towards cracking.

Expanded insert drill line
Walter USA LLC has expanded its Walter Valenite Xtra·tec insert drill line with products at both ends of the diameter spectrum. For users who need smaller diameter Xtra·tec insert drills than were previously available, Walter now offers these drills with diameters as small as 13.5 mm (0.531 in.), suitable for depths up to 5xD. The tools in this range are equipped with size 1 (P484-1r) inserts.

For larger diameters, Walter has introduced drills in a cartridge format for the 60-120 mm (2.35-4.70 in.) diameter range. The cartridge format allows easy replacement of wear parts. The standard version features a diameter of 80 mm (3.15 in.) with 3xD depth; a 120 mm (4.70 in.) diameter and 5xD depth model is offered as a special.

Suitable for use with all steels, including stainless, as well as cast iron and other hard to machine materials, these new cartridge versions exhibit a high degree of process reliability thanks in part to the positive locking of the cartridges. Precision is enhanced because the hole diameter can be adjusted to + 0.6 mm (0.024 in.) on the outer cartridge. The centre cartridge is equipped with a heavy-duty PVD coated Tiger·tec cutting tool material. Flexibility is boosted because the shank of the drill body has a modular NCT tool interface connection, enabling these models to be used on nearly any machine spindle. The interface helps ensure maximum stability due to its short taper and support face.

The cartridge versions can drill into solid material, perform inclined drilling, spot drilling on convex surfaces, and chain drilling. The inserts have four cutting edges, minimizing the costs per cutting edge. In addition, TorxPlus insert clamping screws provide a higher clamping and release torque, as well as easy handling. A hard-nickel plated surface protects the tool body from corrosion and wear while facilitating chip flow.


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