Holemaking MetalTech Report: Drilling for dollars

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New chip breaking technology
The new Rekord DZBF series taps eliminate the formation of long continuous chips that commonly occur when tapping carbon steels, alloy steels, and austenitic stainless steels. 

A new cutting face geometry and spiral flute form combine to affect chip flow, chip curl and chip length. The chip-breaking technology (Emuge CBTz) produces short, broken, controllable chip formations that eliminate flute clogging and potential failure of the machine tap due to chipped cutting teeth or breakage. Made of premium cobalt high speed steel and ground with eccentrically relieved threads which feature full pitch diameter relief, the Rekord DZBF Series provide greater tool life and machining efficiency than conventional taps, claims the company. The new cutting too is offered in inch sizes ranging from ½ to 2.

More drill length options
Iscar has expanded the drill length options of its SumoCham DCN drills by adding the 12xD depth to diameter ratio, in a diameter range of .472 to 1.020 in. (12 to 26 mm). The new DCN drills feature cylindrical shanks, which enable clamping of the drill in hydraulic toolholders (most recommended) or in spring collets. All drill bodies feature helical coolant holes. Prior to using the 12xD drill, it is recommended to drill a pre-hole by using a DCN 1.5xD drill or a centering drill.

The new drills can be used in clad plates. They are commonly used in the heat exchanger and other industries. The new line also includes new flat face drilling heads, designated FCP and designed for drilling steel components (ISO P material group). Drilling with the FCP inserts provides a nearly flat bottom in the hole. The drill heads can be mounted on any SumoCham drill with the appropriate pocket size. The cutting tools are made from IC908 TiAIN PVD coated grade.

Large diameter drilling
The KSEM Plus modular system, which combines benefits of Kennametal’s KSEM modular drill (for high feeds and length-to-diameter ratios) with those of an indexable drill (for high speeds and low consumable costs), is now available for large diameter drilling. The new KSEM Plus B1 heads with DFC-series guiding pads reduce the cost per hole for operators drilling in difficult conditions. 

The B1 heads provide greater capabilities for complex drilling, whether through stacked materials or inclined exits, as well as drilling through cross holes and interrupted cut conditions. The added guiding pads provide greater control when drilling through cross holes at widths up to 50 per cent of the drill’s diameter. They also eliminate spiral marks and grooves and enable high quality hole exits for reliable drilling from two sides when indexing drilling directions.

They are available in standard size ranges, from 28–70 mm as well as customized sizes between 28–127 mm. 

Flexible solid drill up to 5xD
The Kub Duon solid drill combines the benefit of a spade drill with an indexable drill. The flexible drill, which can drill depths up to 5xD (diameter range of 17.3 to 44.6 mm), is available in .1 mm increments and now comes with a cylindrical shank.  It features two replaceable screw-on, precision ground inserts that can operate at high cutting speeds. The face side, tangential mounting of the inserts produces greater stability, claims the company. Internal coolant supply and Komet’s Torx Plus clamping system are other key features in the drill. The new design allows for holes to be produced over a wide range of materials quickly and accurately, with no pre-centering required.

Face mill system
ShrinkMill face mill system is a new product line from Techniks. It uses shrinkfit technology to make a perfect connection between the arbor and face mill for maximized performance. It eliminates intolerance between the arbor and the face mill creating the perfect shrink fit connection. This reduces vibration and improves runout as well as tool life. The new system includes Nexus Tool’s face mill arbors and face mills that are manufactured to precise tolerances required by the shrinkfit process. Nexus provides complimentary shrink fit services to its customers who do not own their own machine.
Nexus Cutting Tools 

Exchangeable tip drill
CoroDrill 870 is a new exchangeable tip drill designed for the intermediate hole tolerance area of IT9-IT10. It can be tailored to optimize applications through diameter range, steps and length possibilities. Holes can be made more efficiently and closer to the specifications required, leaving them better suited to subsequent operations. A secure interface between the drill body and the tip ensures reliability and precision, and the quick and easy tip change procedure helps maximize machining up time. A new edge geometry provides a safe cutting process with optimized chip control, high penetration rates and long tool life. The drill is available in diameter ranges of 12-20.99 mm (0.472-0.826 in.). Lengths are three and five times hole diameter as standard.
Sandvik Coromant

Indexable boring bars
The SCT Advantage indexable cutting tool system features a new design for boring bar technology. The toolholder puts extra material where needed to increase strength and chip control. A precision ground insert with quality finish and a low-profile screw ease small diameter boring operations. The system also features chip control inserts with ground-in chipbreakers for internal boring operations in difficult-to-machine materials.
Scientific Cutting Tools 

All-in-one mill
The new Drilling Threadmaster (DTM) reduces hole processing time by drilling, chamfering and threading holes all in one fast operation. And because the multi-purpose solid thread mill replaces three separate tools, it helps lower tool costs, conserve tool storage space within machine tools and lessen the number of required tool changes during overall part processing.

The DTM’s tip drills holes, so no extra depth is required. As the tool reaches the bottom of a hole, it automatically chamfers the top of the hole diameter. Threads are then quickly and precisely milled through helical interpolation.

Large diameter drills
The expanded line of WDX Series large diameter drills are designed to provide customers with optimum drilling solutions. The WDX advancement is comprised of diameters ranging from 0.5625 – 2.625 in. (14 – 67 mm) in 2XD, 3XD and 4XD drill body lengths. Sumitomo offers a selection of WDX large diameters while delivering a proven design for stable drilling. All WDX diameters come with a four-cornered indexable insert design to provide a cost effective drilling solution and easy tool management. The series uses two inserts per drill, regardless of diameter size.

Six cutting edges per insert
The first indexable drill to use double sided inserts provides six cutting edges per insert, offering cost savings because it reduces the number of inserts required to drill multiple holes. 

One insert size fits the centre cutting pocket and the periphery pocket. One insert size will cover multiple drill diameters, making inventory control much easier. 

The centre cutting insert offers negative geometry for added strength to prevent fracture. The insert has a chipbreaker for centre cutting, while the other side of the insert has a chipbreaker for periphery cutting. The centre cutting chip breaker has wide gentle curves to prevent chip packing. The periphery breaker is highly positive and tighter for freer cutting and tighter chip control. The periphery chip breaker also offers a wiper to provide better surface finish. The insert has been designed to prevent incorrect insert loading; although it is the same insert, it cannot be loaded in the wrong pocket. 

Deep hole drilling
The new Walter Titex UFL HSS-E grade high speed drill outperforms conventional drills, especially when drilling deep holes, claims the company. The Titex UFL (A1549TFP) is characterized by a parabolic flute profile with a 50 per cent larger web and greater chip space than conventional twist drills, and employs a helix angle of 40° (the standard helix angle is 30°). This design provides high rigidity and outstanding process reliability thanks to excellent chip formation and chip evacuation. In many applications, drilling to a depth of 10-12xD without pecking is possible. In comparison, standard twist drills have to withdraw much earlier in order to allow for chip removal. The new drill’s HSS-E (5 per cent cobalt content) substrate provides high heat resistance and its TiAIN tip coating boosts cutting parameters and tool life, while its special U form point geometry promotes reliable chip formation and low cutting forces.

“Marginless” design for stable cutting
From its advanced VDS point geometry designed to reduce chipping on the cutting edge to its precision shank engineered for low runout, the VariDrill is a new multi-application drill for a wide range of materials, including steels, stainless steels, cast irons, non-ferrous materials, and high temperature alloys.

It features an advanced point geometry and “marginless” design that reduces chipping on the tool’s edge and stabilizes cutting forces. The point and flute design enables chips to roll smoothly and evacuate easily, resulting in noticeably less friction, heat, jamming, and scratching. The VariDrill portfolio features 3XD, 5XD, and 8XD lengths, as well as coolant-through and solid options. 

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