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Sandvik Coromant
Deep grooving
Sandvik Coromant’s CoroTurn SL70 deep grooving solution handles deep grooving applications in aerospace engine machining. 


Designed as a flexible system, utilizing Coromant Capto adapters and replaceable blades, this system offers customers a wide choice of insert styles as well as different adapter and blade angles to handle complex shapes typically used aerospace engines. The coupling design features Sandvik Coromant’s serration lock (SL) interface combined with an oval shaped coupling for superior strength and stability, as well as good accessability into complex shapes. The blades for carbide inserts also offer high pressure coolant capability for excellent chip control and optimized tool life.

Sintered chip breaking geometries 
Horn’s mini system is improved with sintered chip breaking geometries for grooving and boring in internal diameters from 8 mm (0.315 in.). Additionally, the Mini System range is extended to include the 18P inserts allowing for groove depths of as much as 8 mm (0.315 in.) in bores from 20 mm (0.787 in.). Together with the existing ground carbide inserts, the mini tool system now offers two insert versions to satisfy a wider range of applications.

The mini system inserts are available with different widths and groove depths for machining all materials. If required, intermediate dimensions or corner radii of the sintered inserts can be adjusted for special tasks while preserving the sintered chip shape geometries. 

The mini inserts provide manufacturers with positive, free cutting geometries, improved chip control, shorter cycle times through higher feed rates, and increased machine utilization through improved chip control.

Horn says the sintered mini inserts provide an ongoing benefit for existing users of the mini system as they are fully compatible with existing mini holders from the company. The positive fit connection between the insert and holder ensures maximum torque transmission combined with precise concentricity.


Grooving micro parts
Seco has released the MDT 2MM for grooving, parting and profiling of small and micro parts. An extension of the successful MDT family of tools, the MDT 2MM offers a cutting edge width of just 2 mm (0.078 in.).

The MDT 2MM is available in two sizes of inserts and toolholders. Designed primarily for Swiss machining applications, MDT19 inserts feature a compact size and are shaped to provide insert indexing accessibility even when space is restricted. With a longer reach, larger toolholders and broader product range, the MDT28 size offers solutions for general machining applications. It allows parting off of bars up to 2 in. in diameter. Both sizes of inserts feature a thinner width than the 3 mm and 4 mm tools in the MDT family, resulting in costs savings on materials when parting.

To maximize stability and accuracy, the MDT 2MM incorporates the Secoloc insert clamping system. A combination of V-top clamping and serrated contact surfaces between the insert and toolholder ensures the highest possible process security.

MDT 2MM inserts are available in multiple geometries. The FT-geometry provides strong performance for grooving and parting off FTR6 and FTL6 geometries reduce burring and centre pip when parting off in more demanding applications. For profiling, the round MP-geometry is optimal.

Inserts are available in CP500 and CP600 grades. CP500 offers high speed capability and applies to general grades with high wear resistance, while CP600 provides additional toughness for more difficult applications, such as interrupted cuts.

More stable insert life
Sumitomo’s new SumiNotch grooving insert products feature a new specially formulated grade EH510V with a new “V” coating, designed for superior wear and notch resistance.

Compared to conventional grades, SumiNotch Grade EH510V exhibits more stable tool life. It is capable of performing continuous cuts, as well as finishing light to medium light interrupted cuts. 

The insert can machine exotic materials, including heat resistant steels, titanium alloys, N, Fe and Co-based alloys.

Sumitomo’s “V” coating contributes to continuous cutting capability and tool wear resistance. Flank wear is also reduced, for increased cutting up-times and decreased tool indexing, downtime.

SumiNotch inserts offer the industry’s most accurate indexing repeatability, claims the company. They boast a rigid groove locking design, for maximum stability and minimum movement. 

Additionally, featuring standard design in 16 grooving widths, they can be accommodated by industry-standard competitive toolholders and boring bars.

All SumiNotch toolholders feature a simple pocket design, which is CNC manufactured. These turning toolholders (SS Series) and boring bars (A-SE Series) consist of a single clamp and screw design, making them highly cost effective.

Walter Tools
Shallow depth grooving
Walter USA LLC has expanded its line of Walter Cut tools for parting, grooving and turning with three new models optimized for shallow depth grooving of up to a maximum of 0.236 in. (6 mm).

These three new tools—designated G1511, G1521, and G1551—each have different approach angles. The G1511 is straight at 0°, the G1521 is angled at 90° and the G1551 is angled at 45°. The straight and the 90° versions are suitable for radial and axial face grooving, as well as for turning. The 45° G1551 is intended primarily for recesses, undercutting and copy turning applications.

Though optimized for shallow grooving, all three models can be used for a variety of applications including parting off small and thin-walled workpieces, or for making sealing ring and snap ring grooves. 

Enhancing this versatility is the fact that inserts in widths ranging from 0.079-0.236 in. (2-6 mm) can be used in the same Walter Cut toolholder. This reduces the number of tools required and leads to a reduction in tool and inventory costs. 

These double-edged inserts are formed from the latest Tiger·tec cutting tool materials with geometries and coatings specifically for grooving.

As with previous tools in the Walter Cut G1011 range, the three new models boast a key feature that both simplifies handling and increases safety: The clamping screw can be accessed from both sides. This means that inserts can be changed quickly and easily, even with inverted use. 

In addition, the low tool height typical of Walter Cut toolholders facilitates chip removal, enhancing process reliability.

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