Cutting tools: toolholders report

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BIG Kaiser
Collet chuck with KAB connection
BIG Kaiser now offers BIG Daishowa’s high precision Mega ER Grip with the Kaiser modular KAB connection, allowing for custom collet chuck configurations with standard components.

BIG Kaiser says the Mega ER Grip was designed to perform in four critical areas of toolholder performance: clamping force, concentricity, rigidity and balance at high spindle speeds. The collect chuck features an increased contact length of the internal taper of the chuck body, reducing the overhang of the collet for better performance, says the company. 

Briney Tooling Systems
End mill adapters
The Tru Position end mill adapters are designed for tough machining applications. The eccentric bore concept is a special grinding technique the company says reduces runout in all Briney end mill holders to .0002 in. (0.005 mm) from .0008 in. (0.020 mm) typical in other holders. Less run out means more chip load and less chatter, and fewer passes to mill slots because of the improved on-centre rotation, which the company says saves time and improves machining quality. 

Modular tap holders
Softsynchro HD and MQL modular toolholders feature variable exchangeable transfer elements and length adjustment screws. Designed for machines with synchronous spindles, the same toolholder body can be used for minimal quantity lubricant or HSK coolant applications. The axial movement of the collet can be (0.08 mm to 0.3 mm), with forces of (800N to 5000N). Modular bodies are available in sizes KSN1 ER20 and KSN3 ER32. 

Horn USA
ER system
The Fahrion Centro P collet chucks produce higher quality surfaces and increase tool life, claims Horn. Based on the ER standard, the Centro P system is six times more precise and increases clamping forces by 100 per cent, according to Horn. Total system runout is 3 µm at 3 x D and the collet chucks are precision balanced for speeds up to 30,000 rpm. Rigid construction reduces vibration.

Hydraulic, Weldon side clamping
Hydro-Sure adaptors are chucks that combine user friendly hydraulic clamping with side screw clamping for Weldon type shank tools. The adaptors can be used for standard Weldon shank tools, so there is no need for special costly tools and adaptors, which prevent tools from pullout. They feature high torque transmission when using standard Weldon type shank tools, accurate concentricity of 0.003 mm, and rigid peripheral hydraulic clamping with vibration dampening. Suitable for heavy duty and finishing applications, they’re available for tool diameters ranging between 16 and 32 mm.

Polygon Solutions
Rotary broach toolholder
The GT series rotary broach holder requires no centering, indicating or alignment procedures, says the company. Broaches are cut to a specified length. When fastened into the holder, the broaches are designed to be on centre with the pilot hole. A small amount of endplay ensures that the broach will follow the chamfer of the hole. When broaching blind holes, it’s possible hydraulic pressure can build up due to air and fluid that may get trapped inside. The GT series broach holders include a pressure relief hole to eliminate hydraulic pressure. Air and fluid are pushed through the hole in the broach, and escape through the hole into the broach holder. 

Sandvik Coromant
70 kN clamping force
In July 2013 the ISO committee agreed to add polygon shank size 100 (C10) to the existing standard, ISO/DIS 26623. Coromant Capto covers three application areas: integrated spindle for automatic tool change, providing stability and rigidity due to bending stiffness and torque transmission; quick change for manual tool change, providing increased machine utilization through shorter set up time; and modular assemblies, providing flexibility without loss of stability or accuracy.

Coromant Capto C10 has a spindle clamping force of 70kN and flange diameter of 100 mm, resulting in bending stiffness greater than HSK-A 100, claims the company, and steep taper size 50 (on a par with HSK-A 125).

Concentric clamping
The Tendo Series includes the E Compact, Platinum and Tech toolholders. Described as maintenance-free, Schunk says they increase tool service life, and prevent chipping at the tools’ cutting edge. The E Compact uses hydraulic expansion technology and has a flexible clamping range due to the variety of intermediate sleeves. The Platinum line can be used with all clamping diameters, has multiple gauge lengths and can be clamped directly. The Tech line is a special group of toolholders designed for niche applications. They are small for low clearance and offer quick and easy tool changes, says Schunk.

Quick change tap holders
The MicroFloat quick change tap holders feature tension/compression float technology for rigid tapping. Techniks claims the design increases tap life, decreases scrap rates and improves thread quality. They’re available for CAT40, CAT50, BT30, BT40 and HSK63A spindles. Using extensions, users can create gauge lengths up to 9 in. (229 mm), eliminating the need to buy special holders. Coolant-thru is standard on all the tap holders.

Polygonal clamping design
The TungCap Tooling system is an interchangeable PSC standard series of toolholders that features a polygonal clamping design and accuracy levels to a repeatability of +/-0.002 mm. The torque load is distributed on the polygon due to the symmetrical design for a self-centering effect. A short overhang reduces chatter and helps to avoid interference between the workpiece and the toolholder. The tool clamping system is available on a variety of Tungaloy tools, including the Turning A line of external toolholders, the TungCut series of multi-functional grooving tools and the TurnLine toolholders. The new TungCap is also available for square shank toolholders, adaptors for boring bars, boring bars with sleeves, whistle notch drill holders, ER collet holders, mini ER collet chuck holders, shell mill holders and power chuck holders for end mills.

Collet chuck, quick change in one toolholder
QuickFlex is an ER collet chuck and quick change system in one toolholder. Designed for driven toolholders, it reduces tool change time and provides flexibility, claims the company. The system consists of the toolholder, the QuickFlex chuck, a collet, collet nut, adapter, one-hand wrench, a thread for the adapter and collet nut, a short taper for radial centering and axial support of the adapter, a taper of the ER collect chuck, polygonal torque transmission for the adapter, and radial bending support for high stiffness under load. WTO says the tool change is quick and easy with the use of the one-hand wrench. Operators can clamp the cutting tools directly in the toolholder using a standard ER collet. The toolholder can be used without a quick change system first and companies can purchase quick change adapters at a later date. The QuickFlex program covers a range of different tool clamping adapter types and sizes.

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