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Roughing, finishing end mills
The Top-Cut roughing and finishing carbide end mills reduce vibration and the number of tools and changes, claims Emuge.

Variable helix angles eliminate harmonic oscillation and reduce vibrations to improve surface quality. The end mills feature a recessed neck for more efficient cutting performance. In an example, a customer roughing and finishing a stainless steel sprocket wheel using multiple indexible milling cutters was experiencing long cycle times of 28 minutes. Emuge replaced it with a Top-Cut end mill and with one tool, the customer was able to perform the same operations while reducing machining time to 12 minutes and improving the surface finish, claims Emuge.

Indexable face mills
The new IQ845 FSY-R07 are indexable face mills carrying the IQ845 SYHU 0704 square double-sided inserts with 8 cutting edges.

IQ845 FSY-R07 face mills feature a high positive cutting edge inclination that contributes to a soft cut and smooth entry into and exit from the component being machined. The inserts feature reinforced cutting edges, wiper flats for high surface finish and unique rake face geometry for optimal chip formation. The inserts are mounted into dovetail shaped pockets, secured by screws, which provides extremely rigid clamping.

The new face mills can machine up to .180 in. (4.6 mm) depth of cut and are available in a nominal diameter range of 2.0 to 6.0 in. (51 to 152 mm) in coarse and fine pitch configurations. The tools can be used in a range of face milling applications, and rough and finish on a range of engineering materials.

Six flute ceramic end mill
SiAlON KYS40 ceramic grade end mills to rough nickel-based high temperature alloys comes in two types: a six-fluted version for face milling and profiling; and a four-fluted, necked version for slot milling and pocketing. Both allow ramping, helical interpolation, and trochoidal machining strategies as well.  The KYS40 Beyond grade ceramic in the four flute and six flute versions features an enlarged core design that improves tool rigidity and reduces deflection at high cutting speeds. In roughing the profile of a small turbine blade made of Inconel 718, machined dry, the EADE four flute end mill was run at 645 m/min (2116 sfm), fed at 0.03 mm/z (0.0012 ipt). Depth of cut (ap) was 0.5 mm (0.0197 in.) and width of cut (ae) was 11.4 mm (0.866 in.). Compared to a conventional solution, the EADE four-flute mill lasted three times longer doing the roughing in less time, claims the company.

Sandvik Coromant
High feed milling
CoroMill 419 is a five edge high feed milling cutter suitable for most applications requiring high feed face and profile milling. It is well suited to machining of components requiring long overhangs and to lower power machines and weak fixtures. The company claims it offers long tool life in difficult-to-machine materials. Through-coolant on all cutters enables wet machining and the option of compressed air cooling provides improved chip evacuation in deep cavity milling and helical interpolation. It is available with a range of insert grades and geometries.

SGS Tools
Roughing end mills
A new series of roughing end mills is part of the S-Carb product line and features the 43 chip breaker for load reduction and chip management during aggressive aluminum and non-ferrous machining. The flute shape facilitates rapid movement of the large volume of chips created during aggressive machining. The tools are suitable for heavy material removal applications where cycle time reductions are critical. 

Facemill for iron and steel
DNX25° is a facemill for iron and steel applications that features a lowered cutting form and v-shaped insert edge. The company says the design provides users with less vibration and stable machining. It has eight cutting edges.

High feed face milling
DoFeedQuad cutter features a new insert design and a new dovetail structure for improved clamping strength. The rigid clamping design is achieved with one clamping screw reducing downtime and enhancing chipping resistance, says the company. The insert is pressed with identification numbers on each corner to identify each of the eight cutting edges. Honed inserts are available in the company’s AH725, AH130, AH120 and T3130 grades for machining of steel, stainless steels, cast irons, super alloys and additional hard materials. The company claims the 6 mm thick insert and tough cutting edge delivers high fracture resistance and excellent chip flow. The insert is available with three to seven insert pockets.                     

Indexable insert shoulder mills
The Blaxx F5041 and F5141 shoulder mills feature indexable insert pockets with tangential inserts to increase the insert area presented to the workpiece and enhance tool body stability. Manufactured in sizes LNHU0904 and LNHU1306, they have four cutting edges per insert for low horsepower consumption and high metal removal rate. 

Controlled runout and concentricity of the body, and a 90° perpendicularity to the workpiece ensure accuracy, claims the company. Cutting depths of up to 12 mm are possible with the larger LNHU1306 indexable insert. Diameters start at 25 mm. Blaxx uses Tiger·tec Silver, Walter’s new high performance coating which the company says offers improved tool life and increased productivity. 

5 unequally spaced flutes
The VariMill II ER end mill are engineered with five unequally spaced flutes. The eccentric relief (ER) on the cutting edges provides greater edge strength and enables high feeds and metal removal rates, claims the company. It has a different taper core than VariMill I and II for increased stability, and also differs from those products because it’s designed for centre cutting. It is the first off-the-shelf tool to offer Safe-Lock by Haimer, which provides excellent stability, eliminates pull out, and makes the tool more concentric, overall, says Widia. Safe-Lock is available on tools >1/2 in. (12 mm) in diameter. 



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