CNC control solution for aerospace

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Fagor Automation Corp.’s 8065 CNC for aerospace machining offers a high surface finish while providing maximum accuracy.  

Each 8065 is offered with a 10 in. or 15 in. high resolution LCD TFT colour or touch screen, Ethernet, USB and built-in touch sensitive mouse pad. The 8065 can control up to 28 axes plus four separate spindles with four different execution channels with Auto-Tuning system set-up capability.  

Additional capabilities include block processing speeds of less than 0.5 ms while analyzing the tool path with advanced high speed block look ahead utilizing nano-metric resolution. This combined with the Fagor Adaptive Real-time Feed & Speed control (ARFS) allows the CNC to analyze the machining conditions such as Spindle load, servo power, tool tip temperature and adapts both the axis feedrate and the spindle speed for maximum machining performance productivity. The result is a reduction of cycle time coupled with a superior part finish. It also extends spindle and servo motor life and improves tool utilization.

Equipped with the Aerospace specific HSSA (High Speed Surface Accuracy) machining system, the user receives a double benefit of reduced mechanical stress on the machine, thus increased machine tool lifespan & due to the lower machine vibration, the machine has the ability of smoother movement and adjusted higher feedrates obtainable.  In addition, the On-board Bode diagram tool allows the measurement of the machines frequency response, thus allowing the possibility to actually filter the machine vibrations incurred by the various operating conditions and environment.  

CAD/CAM generated programs used to design parts commonplace in the aerospace market are large and require a specific CNC System treatment to obtain the maximum speed with the desired precision. The solution implemented by the 8065 CNC system to process CAD/CAM generated programs consist of the combination of splines and polynomial transitions as well as the interpretation of the NURB format utilized by CAD/CAM programs. This process helps achieve high feedrate machining while maintaining the accuracy required by all geometries to be machined, thus decreasing cycle execution time substantially. 

Large machines and high accuracy requirements render traditional machining compensation systems insufficient, says Fagor, The 8065’s Volumetric Compensation (FVC) feature allows for the mapping of the total work volume of the machine, thus ensuring the CNC understands the exact position of the tool at all times. The benefits include a 50 per cent improvement in machine accuracy over traditional compensation methods as well as machine to machine uniformed accuracy improvements. 

All of this technology is combined with Fagor Automations exclusive IIP Programming (Interactive Icon-based Pages) Conversational Programming made popular by the 8055 CNC series. The ICON key based conversational programming method simplifies programming by allowing the operator to choose the operation based upon an operation associated ICON key. 

8065 CNC’s are also equipped with an Intelligent Profile Editor which acts as an on-board mini-cad/cam system. The Profile Editor allows the operator to enter in the known geometry of profiles into a graphic editor that automatically calculates the solutions, thus no calculations are necessary by the operator. The Editor automatically creates the G-code and inserts into the program or even allows the operator to automatically save the generated profile as a frequently used subroutine. This eliminates frequent trips to the CAD/CAM department to generate geometry specific profiles for single operations thus adding immense shop floor programming versatility to the machine. 

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